Why omnichannel may not be the best solution for your company & how to adapt chatbot

by | May 10, 2022

In this blog, we will list out what you should consider for an omnichannel chatbot and how to choose the right platform(s) to adopt.



From AI technology to the burst of messaging apps like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Wechat etc, chatbots have become a great virtual assistant for brands to expand their online presence and provide immersive digital experiences to customers. Omnichannel chatbot solutions became the golden formula to success for entrepreneurs and marketers in chatbot marketing. However, it can be a double-sided sword.

Implementing a chatbot with no proper strategy, goals, or corresponding support in monitoring the channels can cause trouble to your customer service team and even upset your customers. 

In this blog, we will list out what you should consider for an omnichannel chatbot and how to choose the right platform(s) to adopt. 

More doesn’t mean the best. Things you should consider before implementing an omnichannel chatbot solution

It isn’t necessary to have as many channels as feasible. Trying to be everywhere you feel a client requires you is insufficient for improving the customer experience. Instead, an omnichannel approach should provide the best possible customer experience. 

Implementing chatbots on the messaging platforms

Things to consider before implementing omnichannel chatbot:

1. Implementing chatbots on the messaging platforms your audience uses – Chatbots can handle many messages and enquiries instantly, so implementing them on the messaging platform that customers actively use can show how chatbots are effectively helpful.

2. Build specific conversation tunnels – Not every bot is suitable for all channels. For example, customers usually prefer to find product/services/pricing details on the company website; a Facebook chatbot is ideal for limited promotions and interactive marketing campaigns, while the checkout and payment feature or promotion alert is more suitable for the WhatsApp channel.

3. Customer service team size – You should ensure you have enough workforce to handle all enquiries coming through all channels. Customer relationship is significant to a company. If customers’ questions or  enquiries cannot be answered in a timely manner, they will lose confidence in the company, and customer satisfaction will be low. Businesses must be able to monitor and solve their problems instantly.

4. Start small and test the bot – A complete chatbot needs continuous customer experience enhancement by collecting customer query records and customer information. We recommend that you first observe the status of the chatbot on one or two channels, such as understanding customer frequently asked questions or whether there are any system errors, then considering whether to involve more channels.

Adapt chatbots to the right platforms

Now that we’ve covered the list of items to consider before kickstarting chatbot in messaging platforms, it is time to learn how to narrow down your search for the best chatbot creation tool:

    • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging programs globally, with over 2 billion users worldwide. Because WhatsApp is utilized by so many people worldwide, you may reach out to any possible client. Through WhatsApp, you can also push promotions or special offers to customers in batches.

    The application of WhatsApp Chatbot

    • Messenger: Chatbots on Facebook Messenger give up to 80% more engagement than other platforms, and they also allow you to collect vital contact information and create leads. Messenger users usually connect to real Facebook accounts, thus allowing companies to collect accurate customer information to personalize product marketing.

    The application of Messenger Chatbot

    • Instagram: Every month, Instagram has 1 billion active users. Every day, 500 million people use Instagram stories. What’s even great about Instagram is that young people mostly use it. 71% of the one billion users are under 35 years old. Consumers can also buy products directly on Instagram Store, which is convenient for online transactions, and the user interface is also designed for young people.

    Learn more about Instagram Chatbot

    • Website: 64 percent of agents who utilize chatbots have more time to work on more challenging and complicated situations. That means you and your team will have more time to give a better customer experience.

    Success case of Website Chatbot

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