WhatsApp's New Template Pacing for Marketing

Introducing WhatsApp’s New Template Pacing for Marketing – Boost Message Quality and Reduce Pacing Limits!

by | Aug 21, 2023

WhatsApp introduces Template Pacing, enabling businesses to evaluate and refine their marketing templates more effectively.

This guide introduces WhatsApp’s new Template Pacing feature and how it could benefit businesses in using WhatsApp API for marketing.


To enhance the quality of marketing messages on WhatsApp, the platform has launched a new mechanism to help businesses effectively evaluate and refine their marketing templates. As an official provider of WhatsApp Business API, Sanuker summarizes the details and explains how it can benefit your business.

First of all, What is WhatsApp’s Template Pacing?

With the evolution of digital marketing, more businesses are utilizing the WhatsApp API as a channel for promotion and customer acquisition. For both consumer experience and marketing impact, the quality and timeliness of messages have become increasingly critical.

Thus, WhatsApp introduced the Template Pacing mechanism to help businesses assess their marketing templates efficiently, ensuring users only receive high-quality information. This update from WhatsApp not only saves businesses ample time and resources in testing out the feedback of customers before mass distribution but also guarantees businesses maintain a healthy WhatsApp API account.

Catering to Large-Scale Marketing Sends

Template Pacing is primarily designed for large-scale marketing campaigns, starting by sending template messages to a small subset of the audience. This “sample” provides businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to gauge the quality of their ad templates based on direct feedback. Based on initial feedback, WhatsApp decides whether to continue sending the message to a wider audience. With real-time feedback, businesses can swiftly adjust their templates, ensuring that the majority of users receive high-quality, relevant content.

Consider a marketing template aimed at reaching 100,000 users. The pacing would start by sending messages to a smaller segment (e.g., 20,000 users), then wait for 30 minutes to evaluate the template’s quality. Depending on initial feedback, WhatsApp will decide whether to message the remaining users or notify businesses to update their templates.

Flexibly Optimize Template Message Content

From Sanuker’s perspective, this provides brands with more opportunities and greater flexibility to ensure the quality of their WhatsApp API number, creating more room to gather customer feedback and further refine their templates. This also helps avoid restrictions on their WhatsApp API number due to low-quality marketing messages.

  • Real-time feedback

    Before broadcasting to a large audience, businesses can receive preliminary feedback on their ad’s effectiveness, allowing for tweaks and optimization to ensure higher conversion rates.

  • Increased customer satisfaction:

    Delivering high-quality and relevant information ensures a superior customer experience, leading to enhanced satisfaction.

  • Protect and enhance the brand’s WhatsApp API number quality:

    High-quality content results in fewer user complaints and negative feedback, further ensuring brand reputation is maintained and enhanced.

How to Create an Engaging and Effective WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

That’s a great question. WhatsApp is a great tool for marketers to promote their campaigns and achieve significant results. With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally. This offers businesses a vast and diverse audience to engage with, making it a crucial platform for modern marketers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the new template mechanism take effect?
A: It will be launched on September 12, 2023, in Brazil, Colombia, and Singapore, and globally on October 12.

Q: What is Template Pacing, and how can it aid my marketing campaigns?
A: Template Pacing is a new feature that sends messages to a small segment of a marketing campaign’s audience first, evaluating message content quality based on early feedback. Depending on this evaluation:

  • a. If the feedback is positive, the remaining messages will be sent to a broader audience;
  • b. If the feedback is not favourable, the system will notify businesses to adjust their content and halt pending messages to prevent further negative feedback.

Q: Does Template Pacing apply to all types of templates?
A: It’s applicable only to marketing message templates.

Q: How does Template Pacing work?
A: This feature initially sends to a smaller segment of the audience rather than broadcasting to everyone at once. Based on feedback from these sample messages, WhatsApp evaluates the overall quality. If sample messages receive positive feedback, the remaining messages will be dispatched; if not, the system stops them and notifies businesses for adjustments.

Q: How do Message Quality Rating and Template Pacing work together?
A: Both utilize the same quality assessment system and criteria for execution. This means if a message is interrupted due to Template Pacing, it might also be paused by Message Quality Rating when sent on a larger scale. With Template Pacing, businesses can assess marketing message quality in advance, predicting its quality and optimizing better. This provides quicker optimization opportunities compared to waiting for large-scale messages to be halted. However, even if a template message passes initial scrutiny of Template Pacing, subsequent negative feedback may still trigger a pause in sending due to a low Message Quality Rating.

Q: If the quality is poor, will there be restrictions on the WhatsApp API number?
A: If businesses fail to improve message quality over time, phone number restrictions will still be applied. However, with Template Pacing, such occurrences are expected to reduce, as businesses can receive quality feedback faster.

Q: How can we understand the quality of message templates?
A: Businesses can view template quality scores in WhatsApp Manager or get detailed insights through official solution partners like Sanuker.

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