WhatsApp Clienteling

Seamless personal interactions through WhatsApp App under a WhatsApp API. An exclusive “Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution” from Sanuker – first and only in the market.

Seamless personal interactions through WhatsApp App

Your best clienteling tool, connect your customers through WhatsApp

The world of retail is undergoing a shift with the onset of the conversational era. Now, more than ever, businesses need to be where their customers are: on messaging platforms like WhatsApp. At Sanuker, Our Clienteling Messaging tool bridges this gap, providing businesses a seamless interface to interact, engage, and transact with their customers over WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Clienteling Tool

Why WhatsApp Clienteling?

Help to strengthen the relation and build intimacy with clients

Save time on the shopfloor via access to stock & catalog information

Monitor client portfolio and ensure engagement is with each cluster

Develop our client's knowledge with enrichment of profile and update information

Exclusive Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution – A Revolution in Customer Interaction

At Sanuker, we proudly present a revolution in clienteling: the Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution. Bringing the best of both WhatsApp App and WhatsApp API, this solution allows salespersons to nurture sales on a one-to-one basis using their personal WhatsApp number, while all interactions remain under the monitoring umbrella of the official WhatsApp API account.

WhatsApp Clienteling sales

Why Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution for Clienteling?

WhatsApp Personal Touch, Professional Oversight

Personal Touch, Professional Oversight

Your sales team can use their personal touch, building trust and rapport with customers on a platform they’re comfortable with through personal WhatsApp, all while being monitored under the WhatsApp API account.

WhatsApp Uninterrupted Conversations

Uninterrupted Conversations

No more switching between personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp API inboxes. Everything is streamlined into one conversation flow, ensuring that no customer query is overlooked.

Whatsapp Analyse

Centralised Data Collection

While the conversation feels personal for the customer, on the backend, all data is centralised. This ensures that customer interactions are recorded, monitored, and can be analysed for future strategy.
WhatsApp. Compliance and Security

Compliance and Security

All conversations remain compliant with data protection standards, and the integrity of your data is never compromised.

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Manage Alerts

Stand Out in the Market

As the first and only provider to offer the Inboxless WhatsApp Solution, Sanuker empowers businesses to not just keep pace with industry trends, but to set them.

Integrated with your CRM for Personalized experience

Combine the power of WhatsApp API with your CRM system to ensure accurate and targeted interactions. By merging the vast data from your CRM with real-time conversations on WhatsApp, you can achieve personalized retargeting like never before.
WhatsApp Clienteling CRM
Connect with the future of business messaging.

Connect with the future of business messaging

The confluence of personalised messaging via WhatsApp and the unmatched potential of our exclusive Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution gives your business an odd edge in clienteling.

Connect with the future of business messaging.

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