WhatsApp Chatbots

With more than 2 billion users around the world on WhatsApp, a WhatsApp chatbot allows you to connect with a wide range of customers and potential leads at an instant.

By building a chatbot on one of the most popular social messaging applications, you can establish brand presence in a space your customers are familiar with and further interact with them to build/strengthen customer loyalty.


Automate your sales and customer service support

Engage potential customers and extend your business to one of the most popular social messaging platforms.

WA instant customer service

Open a new communications channel

Create a communications channel where your users can reach your business on demand.

WA analyze

Analyse users & messages to convert sales

Visualise the data analytics of the messages you send and receive to optimise your messaging strategy.

WA satisfation

Better customer satisfaction with qualified leads

Your chatbot will always respond in a positive attitude that is dedicated to helping your customers.

Success is a journey, and we are a proud partner


WhatsApp Chatbot Popular Features

Explore WhatsApp chatbot features to be included in your website to elevate customer experience.

Restock Notification

Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation

Manage Alerts

Manage Alerts

Account info modifications

Shipping Notification

Account Info Modifications

Shipping Notification

Manage Alerts

Account info modifications

Shipping Notification

Build a Code-Free WhatsApp Chatbot on Your Own

To build a WhatsApp chatbot, you first need to apply for WhatsApp Business API. Sanuker, as the business solution provider of WhatsApp Business API, helps you with the application process and provides code-free WhatsApp Chatbot building solutions.


Business Solution Provider of WhatsApp Business API

Chatbot Builder

Code-free WhatsApp Chatbot building solution

Other features at your service

WA new account

Creating an Account

Customer’s information is crucial for on-going engagement and conversion. Set up an account creation process in WhatsApp chatbot for new customers!

WA return policy

Return Policies

WhatsApp chatbot guides customers through return processes, creating a convenient and personalized experience.

WA Agent Handoff

Agent Handoff

Leave the repeated and simple enquiries to chatbot and spare live agents for more complex cases. WhatsApp chatbot can also help to gather basic information from customers to speed up the process.

WA campaigns

Personalized Promotions

Increase purchasing incentives by sending personalized promotions according to previous conversation records.

WA update address

Update Addresses

Updating addresses can be hefty work with traditional communication methods, contacting customers one by one. WhatsApp chatbot sends out updated information to existing customers with ease in just one click, or automatically update potential customers throughout chatbot conversations. It’s just that simple!

WA shop information

Shop Information

Compared to browsing through the company’s profile, customers prefer to obtain information through direct ways. Simply contact your WhatsApp chatbot to get an instant answer.

Leverage the wide user base of WhatsApp and our expertise to generate more leads and build customer loyalty.

Success Stories with WhatsApp Chatbots

WhatsApp chatbot greatly benefits businesses in real estate, travel & hospitality, finance, and eCommerce. Look at how our other clients leverage WhatsApp Chatbots to create a better customer journey.