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When our friends or family whatsapp us, we’re always happy to respond or feel free to procastinate on that text. However, texting could be quite stressed when it comes to business messaging from customers, partners, investors or colleague. We therefore summarize a few daily scenarios which we have seen so much value from having a chatbot in place for your WhatsApp Business Account.

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp

Automate your sales and customer service support

Engage potential customers and extend your business to one of the most popular social messaging platforms.
Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Communications channel

Open a new communications channel

Create a communications channel where your users can reach your business on demand.

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Analyse users

Analyse users & messages to convert sales

Visualise the data analytics of the messages you send and receive to optimise your messaging strategy.
Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Customer satisfaction

Better customer satisfaction with qualified leads

Your chatbot will always respond in a positive attitude that is dedicated to helping your customers.

Sanuker, WhatsApp Business Solution Provider since 2019

Sanuker, WhatsApp Business Solution Provider since 2019

How WhatsApp can help?

customer Amy

Sending confirmation and reminder WhatsApp messages


Amy has been busy up and down for running a product launch event next week, and she is worried about the attendance rate.

Although she has set up email confirmation and reminder already, the low open rate from email give her a sense of discomfort. She decided to take it a personal challenge to send a reminder one by one from her WhatsApp. She immediately finds it a mission impossible for the following reasons:


over 300+ guests, and it is time consuming to change every name for each message .

the guests respond to her personal WhatsApp, and she needs to reply timely out of her busy schedule.

she finally got blocked by WhatsApp for suspicious behaviour.


A simple WhatsApp chatbot could help Amy to automate send out confirmation and reminder to the guests, without risking her WhatsApp blocked. The chatbot can also send out an interactive button for guest to respond.

Sanuker WhatsApp Reminders

Qualifying sales leads through a few WhatsApp questions


John is a top sales executive at a B2B company.

He has been managing existing key relationships, while he also spends sometimes to nurture the new prospects. Sometimes, he felt that it is a waste of his time to respond to those new leads, as the good quality of the leads is not always guaranteed


every lead is a hope, but mostly a disappointment

he could only give a late response, as he is occupied by phone calls or meetings

there is no response when he asks for more information from the prospect


A simple WhatsApp chatbot could help John to obtain 80% of relevant information, such as budget size, time to market, interested product, before John decides when and how he responds to these leads. He could now spend 30% more time on his key accounts and 50% more time on good prospect

Giving a quick answer to obvious questions from customers


Mary is running a small customer support team for B2C company.

At the peak season, they could manage up to 100+ enquiries. She is having a conflict with her management cassionally, as she needs to maintain the quality and response rate with a limited team size


customers expect a faster response from WhatsApp than phone calls and emails

since every WhatsApp message is saved on customers’ device, the response need to be accurate

it is very challenging to contract a new talent or retain an existing talent


A simple WhatsApp chatbot could give the quick answer to customers’ common questions, which could take away 60% of the time pressure, and 40% of the work load from Mary’s thin customer team. We also connect the chatbot to a knowledge base, where the chatbot could be more powerful over the time.

WhatsApp Chatbot Popular Use Cases

Explore WhatsApp chatbot features to be included in your website to elevate customer experience.

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Restock Notification

Restock Notification

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Manage Alerts

Manage Alerts

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Account Info Modifications

Account Updates

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Shipping Notification

Shipping Notification

Sanuker Whatsapp Personalized Promotions

Personalized Promotions

Sanuker Whatsapp 24/7 Brand Ambassador

24/7 Brand Ambassador

Sanuker Whatsapp Agent Handoff

Agent Handoff

Leverage the wide user base of WhatsApp and our expertise to generate more leads and build customer loyalty.

What our clients say about us

“Using WhatsApp, we turned up the volume on our customer engagement, sending out 300 messages per second. That translated to nearly 300,000 messages over one week. Importantly, customers who were already used to communicating with us through WhatsApp were more receptive to the messages we sent. The open rates for messages in WhatsApp reached over 63% in a short time.”

Ridwan Hidayat
General Manager, Anker Indonesia

“With WhatsApp, we were able to easily communicate with thousands of customers. We are hugely grateful for the team at Sanuker, who helped us integrate the platform into our customer management systems. Because WhatsApp has been such a success, we have future plans to expand our use of the platform to include providing product recommendations and stock availability.”

Alex Shih
Chief Executive Officer, Centaline Group

With WhatsApp, we were able to easily communicate with thousands of customers. We are hugely grateful for the team at Sanuker, who helped us integrate the platform into our customer management systems. Because WhatsApp has been such a success, we have future plans to expand our use of the platform to include providing product recommendations and stock availability.”

Krishna Gautam
Head of Customer Experience, Urbanic

“With WhatsApp Business Platform, we help ensure that every customer has the richest, most efficient experience when addressing their questions. Convenience is baked into each aspect of the process, from the steadiness of the channel to the ways that list messaging resumes any interaction right where it left off. Using WhatsApp has really enhanced our customer engagement.”

Yang Hao
Product Manager, Akulaku

“Much of our brand story celebrates the spirit of pioneering and innovation. We’d like to think our storytelling in the digital world is nothing short of these. With the help of Sanuker, we are able to leverage on cutting-edge AI technology to introduce our brand and timepieces through the chatbot, bringing a completely new yet wholesome customer experience to our watch lovers.”

Candy Lai
Assistant Digital Manager, IWC Schaffhausen

“With Sanuker, IKEA stepped up its customer service experience with the responsive and reliable WhatsApp solution, building a closer relationships with our valuable clients.”

Marco Chow
CSC Manager, Customer Support Centre, IKEA North Asia (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)

“We selected the Whatsapp Business Platform because the product offered a robust set of functionality and the flexibility to address our unique marketing requirements. Thanks to the support provided by Sanuker, their solution has now become an integral part of our business.”

Benny Cheung
Creative Director, TNG (Asia) Limited