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 With 2 billion users already, your customers are using WhatsApp and waiting for you.

We are WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and expert in building WhatsApp chatbot. Get aid of an ally that works 24/7 for you to get leads, handle questions and drive sales. 

Focus on what matters the most and let your chatbot do the rest.

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Boost your results

We know how timely and costly of investing in a marketing and sales strategy. You deserve a chatbot that drives up the results of your efforts and leads to an overall improvement of your marketing plan.

Get the most out of it

We design WhatsApp chatbots with user experience in the top of mind. We put your customers as our first priority and target to increase customers engagement and traffic to your product or services.

Efficient and smart work

Having a chatbot that works 24/7 is a winning bet. It makes communications easier than ever in a way that saves your time and reduces costs.


Boost your results

Get the most out of it

24/7 efficiency and smart work

We build the chatbot for you

Sanuker works to create personalized chatbots that are conversational and effective. We’ve been working hand in hand with strategic partners for years,
such as Facebook, Instagram or Microsoft Teams.

For us, each project is a new story to be written. We believe in the power of chatbots to convey your business narrative in the landscape of digital transformation.

In order to create the perfect chatbot for you, we have the technology and knowledge to take your business’ comunications to the next level.

Tailored solutions with significant results


Consumer prefers brands that provide a personalized service


Consumer used a chatbot for customer support


Consumer prefers self-service to resolve simple matters


WhatsApp users check the app several times a day

Customer success stories with WhatsApp chatbots



Food & Beverage

Challenge: Difficulty Answering All Customers’ Inquiries
Solution: Automate Responses with a Chatbot




Challenge: Boosting the Success Rate of Account Registrations
Solution: WhatsApp Business API

dbs bank



Challenge: Providing instant service
Solution: A smooth customer journey


Start selling more with WhatsApp chatbot

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