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Unlike the free WhatsApp App and WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Business API is designed for brands to commit to a customer-centric service model at a 24-hour service level agreement. The design of the API shares the essence of serve-to-sell culture, to build an effective value-based relationship with consumers.
From an Enterprise Perspective: WhatsApp App vs. WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API
  • Data Storage
  • WhatsApp Business APIDesignated environment by enterprise
    WhatsApp Business AppStaff’s work phone
    WhatsApp AppStaff’s personal phone
  • Automation
  • WhatsApp Business APIYes, by chatbot dialogue
    WhatsApp Business AppEverything manual
    WhatsApp AppEverything manual
  • Push notification
  • WhatsApp Business APIBoth automatic and manual operation
    WhatsApp Business AppManual operation only
    WhatsApp AppManual operation only
  • Multi-agents
  • WhatsApp Business APIYes
    WhatsApp Business AppSingle admin only
    WhatsApp AppSingle admin only
  • CRM Integration
  • WhatsApp Business APIYes
    WhatsApp Business AppNo
    WhatsApp AppNo
  • Green Tick (Verification)
  • WhatsApp Business APIPilot program available for a small number of brands
    WhatsApp Business AppNo
    WhatsApp AppNo
    WhatsApp Business APIWhatsApp Business AppWhatsApp App
    Data StorageDesignated environment by enterpriseStaff’s work phoneStaff’s personal phone
    AutomationYes, by chatbot dialogueEverything manualEverything manual
    Push notificationBoth automatic and manual operationManual operation onlyManual operation only
    Multi-agentsYesSingle admin onlySingle admin only
    CRM IntegrationYesNoNo
    Green Tick (Verification)Pilot program available for a small number of brandsNoNo

    Why does Enterprise adopt WhatsApp Business API?

    Consumers are now getting smarter than ever:
  • Search engines and marketplaces help them find their products
  • Social media and KOLs give them daily inspiration
  • Messaging apps allows them to keep each other updated about the markets
  • And they are always in love with the speed to service:

  • Where is my package now?
  • Why is there no response from the email?
  • Why am I waiting indefinitely in this call?
  • WhatsApp Landing is the Solution

    By building a chatbot on WhatsApp for your business with the API, you will be able to keep your customers entertained, and your team of live agents can step in to provide assistance to resolve customer enquiry. We have prepared a 3-minute summary of highlights about WhatsApp Business API, you may read all the dos and don'ts here.
    You may enjoy our webinar - WhatsApp Landing - Chatbot Strategy #201 below.

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    More about WhatsApp Business API

    Could I possibly adopt WhatsApp Business API for marketing?

    Yes! You can bring your marketing campaign to this 2-billion+ favourite chat app. However, you will need to respect the intimacy shared among WhatsApp users. Therefore, the old-school direct push marketing is undesirable on API services. Otherwise, your WhatsApp number may risk becoming spam. You are strongly encouraged to build a chatbot to have automated and personalized dialogue for engaging high-quality pre-sales or marketing conversations with customers.

    Could I have many live-chat agents to support one WhatsApp number?

    Yes, and it is only possible via WhatsApp Business API. We support a range of team inbox and ticketing features for the multiple-agent customer service team. We are confident you will find one that suits you.

    How do I get a green tick for my WhatsApp Business API account?

    We will apply to WhatsApp on your behalf. Please note that this is only a pilot program for a limited number of brands. Green tick is not guaranteed.

    WhatsApp is free, why do we need to pay for the API?

    WhatsApp Business API is free, but we need to invest in necessary infrastructure and compliance checks to set it up for your use. That’s why you are paying for our value-added services and solutions (chatbot, live chat and CRM integrations) at a very reasonable price. Note that you will need to pay WhatsApp the template message cost for push notifications.

    I have other Apps that help me automate my WhatsApp messages, how different is your WhatsApp solution from it?

    Our solution is powered by the official WhatsApp Business API. You will be guaranteed the stability and quality of your automated WhatsApp communication, given you are in full compliance with WhatsApp Business Policy. In short, if you are serious about your business, you should consider only the official source. If you have a budget concern, you may try the free WhatsApp Business App.

    How should I get started?

    When you have no ideas, it is always best to start from learning the best minds in the market. You may take reference to some success stories here. More importantly, you may wish to revisit your brand commitment, and how you wish to design the WhatsApp experience to reinforce the commitment to your customers.
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