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It is in our Sanuker’s DNA that we deliver project success with regional teams. We work closely with Urbanic’s Chinese operation team and Indian customer service team to take the brand’s shopping experience to next level.

WhatsApp Business API

Sanuker is WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Unlike the free WhatsApp App and WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Business API is designed for brands to commit to a customer-centric service model at a 24-hour service level agreement. The design of the API shares the essence of serve-to-sell culture, to build an effective value-based relationship with consumers.

From an Enterprise Perspective: WhatsApp App vs. WhatsApp Business App vs. WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business AppWhatsApp App
Data Storage

Designated environment by enterprise

Staff’s work phoneStaff’s personal phone

Yes, by chatbot dialogue

Everything manualEverything manual
Push notification

Both automatic and manual operation

Manual operation onlyManual operation only


Single admin onlySingle admin only
CRM Integration


Green Tick (Verification)

Pilot program available for a small number of brands


WhatsApp Landing is a New Must-Have Solution

By building a chatbot on WhatsApp for your business with the API, you will be able to keep your customers entertained, and your team of live agents can step in to provide assistance to resolve customer enquiry. We have prepared a 3-minute summary of highlights about WhatsApp Business API, you may read all the dos and don’ts here.

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