Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp API Interactive Message Types and Applications

WhatsApp API Interactive Messages

by | Jan 10, 2024

This guide will help you understand how to send various types of interactive messages on WhatsApp, thereby providing an enhanced user experience. Interactive messages allow users to interact with your business more conveniently, making it easier to find and select the desired content.


WhatsApp is used by 2 billion people worldwide, making it the most widely used instant messaging application. The WhatsApp Business Platform (API) offers a variety of pre-set interactive message types, such as buttons, list messages, and product messages, allowing businesses to interact with customers on a large scale with a convenient and straightforward messaging experience, simplifying the conversation process. Sanuker will guide you through the various types of interactive messages on WhatsApp, enabling your WhatsApp chatbot to achieve noticeably higher response and conversion rates.

Types of WhatsApp API Interactive Messages

The WhatsApp Business Platform allows the configuration of chatbots, enriching the conversation flow with diverse and highly interactive message types. In addition to the standard list and reply button messages, businesses can use single/multiple product messages to send product information and prices to customers in one go, making it easier to browse and even purchase products.

Moreover, businesses can use location request messages, allowing customers to share their location with a simple click. This feature is handy for services like Uber, HKTaxi, FoodPanda, and other ride-hailing or delivery platforms, as it enables customers to share their location, providing a better service experience quickly.

  • List Messages:

    These messages contain a menu with up to 10 options, allowing users to make choices more conveniently and consistently during business interactions.

  • Reply Button Messages:

    These messages contain up to 3 options, each as a button, enabling users to make choices more quickly during business interactions. It’s worth mentioning that reply button messages offer the same user experience as interactive templates with buttons.

  • Single Product Messages:

    These messages feature a single product from the business’s inventory, allowing you to showcase specific products directly to customers.

  • Multiple Product Messages:

    These messages feature selected products from the business’s inventory, displaying up to 30 products.

  • Location Request Messages:

    These messages request the user’s location information, which is useful for finding the nearest shops to the user or obtaining the user’s real-time location.

WhatsApp Location Button

Location Request Messages

​Interactive Messages vs Text Messages: More Engaging and Higher Conversion Choice

Compared to traditional text messages, interactive messages greatly enhance the user experience. They provide a straightforward interface that allows users to easily find and select the content they need from the business, eliminating the complex template preparation work and pre-review process. Simple operations are all that’s necessary to use the interactive message feature. Tests have shown that interactive message chatbots achieve higher response and conversion rates.

Additionally, the content of interactive messages can be adjusted in real time according to different situations. For example, scenarios with multiple options can use list messages. In situations where you want customers to take action and respond quickly – like scheduling a meeting or browsing a website – you can use reply button messages, thus offering a highly personalized user experience.

互動訊息 vs 文字訊息:一個更優秀的選擇

​Interactive Messages vs Text Messages

Specifications of Interactive Messages and Sending Interactive Message Templates

You can mix different types of interactive messages in the same conversation flow when using interactive messages. Although users cannot select multiple options in the list or button messages simultaneously, they can go back and click previous messages to make other selections.

It’s important to note that not all interactive messages can be sent outside the 24-hour limit. For instance, list or reply button messages cannot be used for sending notifications. Therefore, WhatsApp has set up 2 types of interactive messages to send interactive message templates. These buttons can be added to text or media messages. Once your interactive message template is approved, it can be used in message sending.

  • Call-to-Action:

    Your customers can use these to make phone calls and browse websites, with a maximum of 2 buttons, one for each type (phone call and website browsing).

WhatsApp Call-to-Action buttons
  • Quick Replies:

    Your customers can use these to reply with simple text messages, with up to 3 buttons.

WhatsApp Quick Replies buttons

How Do Interactive Messages Improve User Experience?

Interactive messages can improve user experience in the following ways:

  • Enhance Interactivity:

    Allows users to make choices, reply, or engage in other interactions within messages, making them feel more involved.

  • Instant Feedback:

    Provides immediate feedback, enabling users to confirm or resolve issues quickly.

  • Personalized Service:

    Offers customized content or services based on user needs and preferences.

  • Quick Problem Resolution:

    Provides rapid and effective solutions when users encounter problems.

  • Improved Service Efficiency:

    Quickly collects user feedback and suggestions for timely improvements to services and products.

How to Choose the Right Message Type for the Best Conversational Experience

To provide the best conversational experience, you need to carefully select the appropriate message type based on the context and objectives:

  • List messages are best suited for scenarios that present multiple options, such as takeaway menus, selected nearby stores or branches, available appointment times, choosing to reorder recent orders, etc.
  • Reply buttons are ideal for presenting a limited set of options for quick user responses, such as call time top-ups, changing personal details, adding optional extra products, selecting payment methods, reordering previous orders, etc.
  • In scenarios where you need to showcase specific products or offer a selection of multiple products, single and multiple product messages are constructive. For example, when you want to show specific products to customers or provide a range of products for them to choose from, these message types can effectively present the required content.
  • When requesting user location information, location request messages are efficient. For instance, knowing the user’s location can provide more accurate and efficient services to takeout or booking services.

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