When WhatsApp API Meets ChatGPT and NetSuite ERP System

When WhatsApp API Meets ChatGPT and NetSuite ERP System

by | Oct 13, 2023

Revolutionizing Online Commerce with Integrated Solutions

Diving deep into the future of online commerce with the game-changing integration of WhatsApp, ChatGPT, and NetSuite ERP system.


In the digital transformation era, achieving seamless automation is not a distant dream but an attainable reality. The integration of leading messaging platform WhatsApp with the efficiency of ChatGPT and NetSuite ERP system leads us to a paradigm shift in online commerce. Sanuker’s recent collaboration with ONE Pacific epitomizes this progression. Let’s explore this transformative journey.

Ushering in the era of true automation – a confluence of ERP, WhatsApp, and ChatGPT

Evolution of Conversational Commerce

From its inception, conversational commerce has been a game-changer. The launch of the WhatsApp API solution provided businesses with a robust tool to engage customers in a personalized and efficient manner.

Sanuker, AI chatbot and business messaging expert, has been a WhatsApp API solution provider since 2018 and we have equipped businesses with WhatsApp API solutions including WhatsApp broadcasts, WhatsApp eShops, and the integration of Generative AI, and now, we are ushering in the era of true automation – a confluence of ERP, WhatsApp, and ChatGPT.

How can businesses make use of WhatsApp, ChatGPT, and NetSuite to empower their business?

Common Pain Points for businesses when adopting WhatsApp API solution and ERP system individually

Businesses have massively embraced WhatsApp API solutions, primarily due to its convenience, directness, and ability to offer a tailored messaging experience. Yet, a significant pain point emerged when transitioning a customer into a client. The manual transfer of data from WhatsApp to ERP systems was a tedious task, often leading to inefficiencies.

Common Pain Points for businesses when adopting WhatsApp API solution and ERP system individually

WhatsApp API X NetSuite Solution

Our ERP partner ONE Pacific, takes a leap by integrating Sanuker’s WhatsApp API solution directly with Oracle NetSuite ERP system. Here we demonstrated the 5 most common use cases.

WhatsApp API X NetSuite Solution

Automated Service Booking – Confirmation with Availability Check and Reservation

With the combined powers of WhatsApp chatbot and NetSuite, businesses can facilitate real-time booking, check service availability, and auto-sync customer data – all within a seamless conversation.

WhatsApp chatbot enables businesses to create automated booking procedures through WhatsApp. With integration with NetSuite, businesses can not only collect booking details (e.g. customer personal information, booking dates, and required services etc) through conversation but also check the service availability on NetSuite. Confirming booking in real-time and sync up customer data in NetSuite after a swift availability check.

Data Synchronization & Lead Assignment

Similar to the above use case, businesses can gather customer inquiries using the WhatsApp chatbot and auto-assign them to relevant departments in NetSuite, ensuring quick follow-ups.

WhatsApp Order and Purchasing

Simplify the procurement process with direct ordering via WhatsApp, which then syncs with NetSuite for order processing and real-time status updates.

Businesses can send updates to customers on the order and purchasing status through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Order and Purchasing

WhatsApp E-Shop: Sync up order status and payment in NetSuite and update customers through WhatsApp seamlessly

Automated WhatsApp Messages for Targeted Customers

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Businesses can send out WhatsApp marketing messages to targeted customers with pre-set automation rules. For example, businesses can send out seasonal promotions to targeted customers according to their interested products. Or, based on their customer profile and case status in NetSuite, businesses can send out customer surveys automatically.

Unleash Business Potential with WhatsApp AI Chatbot

WhatsApp eShop Powered by ChatGPT

WhatsApp eShop is a new feature launched by WhatsApp API where businesses can list their products and be sold on WhatsApp. By leveraging ChatGPT, we can create an 24/7 eShop assistant to recommend the listed products for its customers based on the product information on product catalogue and conversation with customers. This AI-driven shopping assistant provides unbiased advice based on the needs of the customer.

FAQ Chatbot Powered by ChatGPT

Quick responses to common queries? ChatGPT has got you covered! From the long training time and word-to-word conversation design for a FAQ chatbot, ChatGPT can understand customer enquiries and generate a relevant response with AI technology. Ensuring every customer’s question is answered promptly, saving training time and improving overall user experience.

Success Spotlight: Charming Seabass International Limited

Charming Seabass, a renowned seafood wholesaler, stands as a testament to the prowess of this integrated approach. Their transition to automated B2B and B2C ordering systems via WhatsApp has not only streamlined processes but also revolutionized their inventory and logistics management.

Charming Case Sharing for Adopting ONE Pacific NetSuite X WhatsApp Solution
We are grateful to all participants of our event and a special shoutout to Oracle for providing the perfect venue. This endeavor reiterates the immense potential when WhatsApp, ChatGPT, and NETSuite ERP System converge.

Indeed, it’s not the wave of the future, but a transformative present that redefines conversational commerce.

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