Website Chatbots

Every website click is a chance to convert.

Sanuker works with your websites to engage and grab users’ attention with carefully curated conversations at the right time. Website chatbots can trace users’ footprints and offer prompt conversational support to convert website visitors into paying customers through collecting their contact information, booking appointments, or transactions.

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Connect with your website visitors

Chat Widget is a ready-to-use chat window that you can customize and add to your own website.


Boost engagement with an AI chatbot

Engage with visitors and never miss a chance to interact with your potential clients.


Support visitors 24/7

Provide instant and personalized responses, even after working hours.


Generate leads and boost sales

Acquire more customers using conversational forms and sell your products directly from the Chat Widget.

Success is a journey, and we are a proud partner

Website Chatbot Popular Features

Explore website chatbot features to be included in your website to elevate customer experience.

Automated Response

Quick Guide to Information

Order Management

Automated Response

Quick Guide to Information

Order Management

Lead Generation

Live Chat Assistance

Multilingual Support

Lead Generation

Live chat Assistance

Multilingual Support

Use Website Chatbots to generate more leads and revenue by leading users to better outcomes and solutions.

Other features at your service


Modify Orders

Connect the chatbot to your inventory and tracking system to enable customers to change shipping address, contact method or order status by texting the chatbot.


Make Reservations

Install a chatbot on your website to allow your potential customers to make reservations based on availability within the site and interactively guide them through the process.


Provide Store Information

Frequently asked questions such as store details can be set in chatbot. By replying with just one click, you save employee’s time and provide real time responses.


Recommend Related Products

Collect customers’ preference from chatbot dialogue and suggest a related product.


Seize Help

Got questions when browsing the website? Chatbot is always ready to provide real time guidance and support, making sure every customer is well taken care of.



Chatbot creates 1-to-1 conversation which ensures customers get a personalized experience anytime, anywhere!


Power up your chatbot in the easiest way possible. From integrating AI engines to installing an entire online shop to your chatbot, you can choose the features you need and then plug & play.

Shopify integration chatbot

Install a powerful Messenger and WhatsApp chatbot to your Shopify stores without any hassle.

Provides automatic order confirmations, shipping update notifications, product search, add to cart and check out directly in chat.

Also enables e-commerce to run marketing/flashsale campaigns.

Slack integration chatbot

Turn your Slack workplace into a powerful inbox with just a few clicks!

You can monitor and interact with all your customers’ chats from WhatsApp, Messenger and more channels; as well as providing insightful analytics to improve your customer service quality.

Luis chatbot integration

With LUIS, you can build enterprise-ready, custom AI models and adopt it to any supported messaging platform through Stella.


Looking for a customer support tool for your customers from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Look no further! As long as you have a 365 subscription, you can quickly deploy a powerful inbox to your Teams account.

dialog flow chatbot integration

Want to build an AI-learning chatbot on your messaging platform?

Dialogflow leverages on Google’s machine learning capabilities and is built on Google infrastructure, which can be optimized for Google Assistant.

It can process both voice and text-based conversation.

stripe chatbot integration

Stripe integration adds a powerful payment gateway to your chatbot flow, easily generating revenue from direct conversation.

Success Stories with Website Chatbots

Look at how other brands used Website Chatbots to create a better customer experience.