Selling online is a challenging trust-building process, as your customers may be thousands of miles away, and they never have a chance to touch and feel before the package arrival. Of course, your products need to look as good as your store photos. However, speed to the first response from your team and chatbot is the key to starting a trusting relationship.


Thousands of notifications follow hundreds of successful orders. Immediately, you will send out post-purchase confirmation to reassure the receipt of payment and purchase order. Then, you will keep your customers updated about logistics and delivery. A well-integrated chatbot can automate the necessary notification and help you to be one step ahead of the foreseeable customer enquiry. For example, the chatbot can send out a large batch of notification regarding the delayed fulfilment on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Customer Service

Chatbot will be your first-tier support to give quick answers and guide to online buyers. When the issues need escalation, the chatbot will help to consolidate the necessary information and direct the enquiry to the corresponding internal team to reduce the annoying back-and-forth dialogue. We have seen an average of 50% cut of turnaround time and 20% in customer satisfaction.

Sales Chatbot

A well-designed Ecommerce chatbot can play as sales for your online store by automating the pre-sales scenarios:
  • price change alert: We got you a discount! ????
  • stock alert: You’re lucky! ???? The limited version is back
  • cart abandonment: Do you remember me? ????
The chatbot will collect the user preference along with the conversation and shape the persona overtime to give personalised purchase recommendations to customers.