WhatsApp eShop Solution

Integrate WhatsApp eShop to your website and ERP system with Sanuker. Kickstart WhatsApp commerce now!

WhatsApp eShop Solution

Sell your product through WhatsApp. One-stop WhatsApp Commerce solution for online businesses.

Converting sales from your online eshop could be complicated and highly competitive, and even nowhere to start! Sanuker’s highly flexible, integratable and convenient “WhatsApp e-shop Solution” made selling online easier for you.
Setting up WhatsApp e-shop to kickstart your online business or implement it to your existing online business model to boost sales! Sanuker’s WhatsApp eShop solution take care of customer management, inventory system, ordering system, online marketing and payments all on WhatsApp. The live chat feature allows you to chat with customer instantly through WhatsApp and seize endless business opportunities!
Solution e-Shop

Boost sales with One-Stop WhatsApp Shopping Experience

Enter WhatsApp eShop

Browse through WhatsApp catalogue

Checkout shopping cart

Pay through 3rd party payment gateway on WhatsApp

Response swiftly to clients enquiries and order updates

Solution Features

Customer Management

A robust system to store customer data and categorize based on customer groups, facilitating personalized promotions to grasp business opportunities.

Inventory System

Real-time synchronization in the cloud backend, automatic restocking, supports delivery orders, and allows checking sales and inventory anytime, anywhere.

Ordering System

Establish a WhatsApp product catalog and shopping cart with real-time stock updates.

Online Marketing & Payment

Supports Stripe payment, integrates with reliable logistics, ensuring security.

Live chat

Engage in real-time conversations with customers or respond to inquiries to boost sales opportunities.

Solution Advantages

WhatsApp e-shop 線上營銷全渠道方案」

Set up WhatsApp e-shop and online store all at once.

Perfect WhatsApp shopping experience.

Chatbot response to customer inquiries and live chat available

Integrate WhatsApp with ERP system and website


HKD $480* per month

Initial setup fee is HKD $32,000

*Additional charges for WhatsApp conversation fees and 3rd party payment platform fees apply. (i.e. Stripe)

WhatsApp e-shop 線上營銷全渠道方案」
如你正在使用Shopify網上商店,Sanuker可以協助開設WhatsApp e-Shop,請與我們聯絡。

If you are currently using a Shopify store, Sanuker can assist in setting up a WhatsApp e-Shop. Please get in touch with us.

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