Microsoft Teams
Inbox Solution

Perfect CS solution for
Microsoft Teams users

Manage all customer enquiries and internal chats on Microsoft Teams

Expensive inbox license fee for large customer service team?

If you are Microsoft Teams users, Sanuker’s exclusive Teams Inbox Solution got you covered.

You can communicate seamlessly with internal colleague while replying to customers coming from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Website, and WeChat all on Teams.

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What is Micosoft Teams Inbox Solution?

Designed for enterprise businesses who are using Microsoft Teams as internal communication platform and extend its usage to reply to customers live chat enquiries.

Convert your current working communication channel directly into an inbox, to manage all customers enquiries at once.

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How does Micosoft Teams Inbox work?

customer service head

Perfect Live Chat Tool for Customer Service Team


Anna, customer service head, receives complains from customers as her team constantly miss out their enquiries. She also has difficulty in managing the team’s performance.


Miss out customer enquiries, resulting in low satisfaction

Hard to monitor the teams’ performance and response

Need to install an additional inbox to response to customer enquiries


With Microsoft Teams Inbox Solution, Anna solved her problems as:
The solution consolidates all customer enquiries from online channels into Microsoft Teams.
Live Analytic Dashboard allows Anna to monitor the team’s performance and keep track of every responses.
Businesses can enable live chat features with customers with Microsoft Teams, expanding the usage of Teams from internal to external communications.


Integrate all communications in one platform

Enable you to keep track and answer to all customer enquiries from WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Website, and WeChat

Unlimited agent seats, scale with your company with no extra cost

Same price for all agents seats with flexible and scalable solution

Accelerate both inter-team and Intra-team communication

Invite your team member or other teams to join the conversation with simple commands

Enhance customer experience

Provide holistic customer service support with live chat

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We also support Freshdesk and SalesForce integration!

Success Story


IKEA successfully transformed customer service experience and post-sales services and accelerated live chat resposne time with Sanuker’s Microsoft Teams Inbox Solution. Read more


increase in the first time resolution rate on WhatsApp compared to IRVS


increase in happy customer score


Drop to 0% Non-Respond Rate

ikea Success Story

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