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Earn 30X ROI on Facebook with Recurring Notification organically

Discover the latest Facebook re-marketing strategy

Now you can send out personalised pushes to customers through Messenger on a regular basis to achieve a 30X ROI

Set up interesting campaigns to encourage your consumers to opt-in, and send out pushes to them at daily, weekly, or monthly cadance.

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Sanuker Messenger Chatbots

80% Read Rate, ROI

Recurring Notifications allow you to send tailored and timely messages on topics that are relevant to your customers. Lower Facebook advertising cost

Sanuker Facebook Chatbot Reach Customers

Significant result in re-engagement

Recurring Notifications enable your business to send messages across the entire customer journey

Sanuker Facebook Chatbot Remarketing

Personalized and customer centric

Recurring Notifications create high quality communications that help you create better relationships with your customers

Use Case

Sales campaign

Make use of discounted coupon campaign, or seasonal sales campaign as incentive to encourage customers to opt-in

New product alert

Send regular market updates to your clients to keep them engaged and informed of the latest info

Reactivate Facebook Fans

Get in touch with your Facebook fans actively to remind them of your business.

Retargeting with segemented customers

Send out product recommendations according to customers’ past interest

Success Story


Kee Wah Bakery launches a 10-day campaign to debut Recurring Notifications through automated messaging experiences in Messenger, and customers respond with high opt-in and coupon redemption rates. Read more


revenue engaged customers opted into Recurring Notifications


increase in coupon open rates compared to 0.3% with email


of customers opening a coupon through Recurring Notifications redeemed it


Bringing custom-fit, consistent messaging to shoppers through Recurring Notifications. Read more


revenue increase per customer via Recurring Notifications over email


average open rates for messages with Recurring Notifications


increase in open rates with Recurring Notifications compared to email campaigns


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