Timable is an online event listing platform in Hong Kong, consisting of websites and mobile apps. It covers events happening in town, ranging from concerts, dramas, exhibitions, festivals, events for family, etc.
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Father's Day Chatbot
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
10,000+June 2018

We teamed up with Timable to release a Facebook Messenger chatbot campaign to celebrate Father’s Day. The chatbot guided user to imagine how the day can be spent with all sorts of Timable activities under a budget of less than $100 HKD. With a strong creative input from Timable’s content team, the chatbot buillt up a fun and engaging dialogue with users. Obviously, it is neither possible nor practical to organize Father’s Day with such an absurdly small amount of money. That’s why the chatbot would challenge the user to either choose a reasonable budget or get a job in Timable at the very end.

  • Registration rate for Father’s Day events in Timable has a 15% more than that of other normal events
  • The chatbot drove 77% of the users to Timable’s App or website
Rubber Band Chatbot
Branding, PromotionFacebook
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
22,000+Sep to Nov 2018

Timable partnered with Rubberband to promote their 2018 concert through chatbot. Rubebrband fans would be teased to look for secret interview footages of Rubberband’s band member in the Timable Facebook post. The fans were encouraged to talk with the chatbot as the content was hidden inside the conversation. Once they finished the footage, the chatbot would prompt a Call-to-Action button that led to the ticket purchasing page in Timable.

  • The chatbot drove 81% of the users to Timable’s ticket purchase page
  • Conversation completion rate is over 93%
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