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PlayStation is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a gaming brand that produces video game console, handhelds and controllers.
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VR Booking Chatbot
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
15,000+July 2018

Last summer in July 2018, PlayStation has rolled out a Facebook Messenger chatbot to enable gamers to make bookings for its PS Virtual Reality experience session in ACGHK 2018. Gamers can select their desired timeslot and reserve a place before coming to the event. They can also edit or cancel their reservations solely on Facebook Messeneger chatbot.


  • 60% of participants has successfully made an appointment on chatbot before showing up to the booth
  • Booking chatbot has shortened long queue lines and reduced the average wainting time by 70% (around 20 minutes)
Trophy Hunter Chatbot
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
70,000+July 2018 to present

ACGHK 2018

Together with the VR Booking Chatbot, PlayStation also launched another campaign chatbot named Trophy Hunter Chatbot for ACGHK2018. Gamers can browse the event website on chatbot and register for the event. They will then receive a SMS to complete verification and unlock the game on a mobile site.

There are also different easter eggs hidden in the chatbot flow. Gamers can discover those bonus conversations through different entry points.

The Trophy Hunter Chatbot has been capturing gamers since July 2018. They have rolled out two versions, one in Summer and one in Christmas respectively, for their different games and events.


  • A smooth integration between Facebook Messenger chatbot, external mobile site and SMS
  • 88% of gamers registered and unlocked the game through the chatbot
  • 70% of subscribed gamers actively searched for easter eggs and unlocked them for fun
Christmas Wish Chatbot
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
30,000+December 2018

Last Christmas, PlayStation collected their fans’ Wishes to their loved ones/crushes in the Facebook Messenger chatbot. The very next week, their texts & audio were read out by Tatgor, Lilian Kan, Street Cupid (黑男) & Slime in a streamed live event. This attracted many fans to attend the live event in MK. Who would have thought chatbot can bring people together and spread the love to each other?

PlayStation Christmas Wish Chatbot

PlayStation Christmas Wish ChatbotPlayStation Christmas Wish Chatbot


  • 78% of fans completed the recording of their wishes
  • 90% of their wishes were either displayed on the live event or read out by KOLs
Survey Chatbot
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
28,000+January 2019

PlayStation released a survey chatbot to collect gamers preferences for the coming year’s new game releases. Gamers were challenged to answer all the questions asked by the Chatbot. In return, they got to participant in a lucky draw that would potentially win them a brand new PS4 Pro or the hottest games. The rules were simple. If they shared to one unique friend, the chatbot would grant them one more chance to win the lucky draw. As a result, the chatbot gained a lot of organic reach because gamers were spreading it to their social circles. In addition, they released an easter egg chatbot to give out Dragon Quest Builder 2 DLC code for gamers who were interested in Dragon Quest.

PlayStation Survey Chatbot


  • 45% of gamers were organic reach
  • 80% completion rate of the survey
Valentine's Chatbot
Game, SurveyFacebook
Number of conversationsCampaign Period
16,000+March 2019

Don’t have a date for White Valentines Day? PlayStation got an idea for you. Tell their chatbot three things about yourself and then send a selfie. People usually talked about their family, friends and which PlayStation games they love the most. Kalok Chow and Judy Kwong read through all the entries and handpicked 40 lucky fans to spend the night in 14 March with them.


  • 30% organic users
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