Octopus Cards
Established in 1997, Octopus has provided Hong Kong customers a simple, safe and secure way for payment, parking access control to buildings and etc. Octopus card is secure, highly durable and reliable and comes in many other forms like key chain, watches and recently being incorporated into Apple Pay.
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Octopus Chatbot
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Since May 2020

Octopus has been providing services to over 7 millions Hong Kong people for their daily transportation, small payment or access control. Naturally, this also means that there is a huge influx of enquiries every day regarding the contactless cards services. In order to meet up to this demand, Octopus customer service team adopted WhatsApp Business API to build a FAQ chatbot on WhatsApp. The chatbot is able to provide an immediate response to customer and to cater any basic questions before escalating to live chat, alleviating the workload on their human agent.

Octopus ChatbotOctopus ChatbotOctopus Chatbot

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