UGL Workshop

Company Name: UGL Workshop
Industry: E-commerce, Handicraft

Established in 2016, UGL Workshop consists of over a thousand industry experts, including fashion-savvy Leather and Graphic Designers, high-end fashion Photographers and Market Planning Analysts in the luxury market.

NOLOSS Chatbot


E-commerce, Information Display



Number of conversations


Campaign Period

Aug to Oct 2017

UGL Workshop has launched its first Kickstarter campaign for its leather wallet series. On the chatbot, backers can learn more about the inspirations behind the creation, view the product gallery, read the product pricing and even back the project.


  • 85% of backers will talk to chatbot before they really go to back the project
  • 95% of users went through the inspirations and stories behind the scene
  • Direct 40% of traffic to Kickstarter campaign page

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