PrimeCredit Limited

Company Name: Prime Credit
Industry: Banking & Finance

PrimeCredit Limited is a financial management business that provides services such as credit, financing, and investment in Hong Kong and China.

The Problem

PrimeCredit Ltd. wants to create an easier and simpler financing application process for both the users and internal use. 


The Solution

Sanuker offered the WhatsApp Business API for PrimeCredit Ltd., allowing them to customize their chatbot the exact way they want for their business. 

PrimeCredit Ltd. then created twenty WhatsApp phone numbers that were used as hotlines for customers to apply for credit or financing. For instance, the chatbot will ask users to input their information on their names, how much they are looking to finance, and the duration of the loan period if the user contacts PrimeCredit looking to lend some money.

The application, in other words, can be done right on the WhatsApp chatbot and will be processed through internal systems and procedures.

Users will also be notified of their application status through WhatsApp, as the acceptance or rejection of the application will be conveyed by the chatbot.


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