NHT Global

Company Name: NHT Global
Industry: E-Commerce

NHT Global is an international e-commerce company as a subsidiary of a publicly listed company Natural Health Trends Corporation (NASDAQ: NHTC). Its products consist of six categories: Wellness, Beauty, Lifestyle, Herbal, Home Series and Baby Care Series.

NHT Chatbot


Information Display, FAQ, A.I.



Number of conversations


Campaign Period

Aug 2018 to present

NHT Global Hong Kong branch has launched a web-based chatbot for its members to answer their enquiries and questions with natural language processing (NLP). The whole project is divided into three phases.

For Phase I, the chatbot focuses on displaying copmany information and chit-chatting with users in a funny and engaging manner. A webchat plugin is provided to Client to embed their web-based chatbot onto their website.

For Phase II, we add much more NLP element and training into the chatbot. With the adoption of Google Dialogflow, the chatbot can now process user input with articificial intelligence (AI) and improve itself from time to time through machine learning or manual training. We aim to provide a more accurate answer to users’ questions.

“The adoption of NLP has helped handle over 70% of existing user enquiry, which is usually duplicated questions asked in different ways and expressions. Yet, we need to bear in mind that a continuous training is a must. It’s a mutual effort between us and Sanuker.” -William LEUNG, IT Department


  • A standalone web-based chatbot instead of relying on major social media platforms
  • Integration with NLP engine to handle user input with AI, processed ~65% and counting of user input
  • We co-create with Client on developing suitable training modules and training cycles

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