Company Name: mReferral
Industry: Banking & Finance

mReferral mainly engages in the mortgage referral business, but has also developed financial technology in recent years. mReferral provides more than 100 mortgage and remortgage products from over 70 financial institutions. With over 95% of customers successfully approved for mortgages, the mortgage amount mReferral helped with exceeds 1.1 trillion dollars.


WhatsApp & Website


Mortgage Plan Chatbot

Connecting the Sales Representative to Users

mReferral created this chatbot with Sanuker for external users, connecting the public users to sales agents. Users are greeted with enquiry options such as mortgage plan comparisons, property valuation, and mortgage application processes. If the user does not find a suitable category for their question, they can also use direct keyword search for the chatbot to narrow down their search.

The chatbot also provides mortgage calculation services, such as a mortgage calculator, refinance calculator, and a maximum loan-to-value ratio. By inputting information such as the user’s salary, how much they are loaning for, and how long the repayment period is, the chatbot can calculate the monthly repayment and the total loan amount including interest. 

Once the user has its questions answered from the chatbot, they can ask to switch to live chat in which a sales agent will advise on the recommended mortgage plans, or answer more in depth questions on the different mortgage products. 

After connecting users to the sales representatives and the live chat session is over, the chatbot has an automated customer satisfaction survey for the user to fill out using only numbers. Questions such as “what is your purpose of using our live chat service today” and “did we solve your question” will be asked and collected for better customer satisfaction in the future.

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