Josie & The Uni Boys

Company Name: Josie & The Uni Boys
Industry: Celebrities

Josie Ho Chiu Yi is a famous singer and actress from Hong Kong. She founded her band, Josie & The Uni Boys, in 2010.

A Day with Josie


Branding, Promotion, Push messaging



Number of conversations


Campaign Period

April to May 2018

Josie Ho Chiu Yee & The Uni Boys hosted a concert 《We Go Berzerka Explode Into Life》last April and have utilized Facebook Messenger chatbot to do the pre-concert promotion. The chatbot campaign is called “A Day with Josie”. It mimics the tone and manner of Josie Ho and chats with her fans for one whole day.

The chatbot begins sending messages at 2pm as that will be the time Josie usually wakes up at. Throughout the day, chatbot sends out different messages to fans, such as selfies of Josie doing sports, audio notes of Josie chit-chatting with fans and videos of band members rehearsing for the concert. At night, chatbot sends an advocacy message to invite fans to purchase concert ticket online. On the night right before the concert, chatbot sends an advocacy audio again.

Josie even keeps the chatbot running after the concert to capture more fans and engagement.


  • First celebrity in Hong Kong to adopt the use of chatbot for fans engagement and personal branding
  • Full use of push panel to set and send scheduled messages
  • Boost 80%+ fans engagement

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