Company Name: Akulaku
Industry: E-Commerce, Banking & Finance

Akulaku is a multinational E-commerce platform that offers online services such as cardless installment shopping, cash loan, bills payment, mobile & game top ups on installment and travel & leisure packages on installment. The brand is also the largest online financing company in Southeast Asia and the first online mobile installment application with operations in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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Since February 2020

The growth hacking team at Akulaku has been looking for a solution to boost the success rate of account registration. In addition to SMS, the team considers WhatsApp Business API for its:


  • reliable and instant delivery of one- time password
  • ability to capture the message status: read vs. unread
  • Strong retention among WhatsApp users

The brand has seen a significant pick-up on new user account registration after the adoption of WhatsApp Business API and is now looking for more use cases to acquire, grow, and retain users via WhatsApp. Stay tuned


Double-digit growth in the success rate of account registration

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