Shopify Chatbots

Get higher conversion rates with a boost in engagement using your Shopify Chatbot.

Leverage the flexibility of meeting your customers on the social media platform they are most comfortable with and the ability to handle multiple queries at once to provide quality customer service.


Build relationships with your clients on Shopify

Shopify support

Respond on Chat and Messenger

Give your customers the option to chat, browse, and even buy your products directly through chatbot.

shopify increase sales

Increase Revenue

Drive sales by selling the right products to the right customers based on their browsing or order history.

shopify set up 30 seconds

Set up in less than 30 Seconds

Start your first Shopify chatbot in less than 30 seconds with our own pre-made.

Success is a journey, and we are a proud partner


Shopify Chatbot Features

Explore features you could include for your shopify chatbot to elevate the customer experience.

Respond instantly

Recommend products

Abandoned cart

Respond to customers' queries instantly

Recommend products

Abandoned shopping cart reminders

Responding 24/7/365

Multiple languages

See what your visitors are typing

Templates ready for use

Responding 24/7/365

Supports multiple languages

See what your visitor is typing in real time

Sanuker-made templates ready for use

Responding 24/7/365

Multiple languages

See what your visitors are typing

Templates ready for use

We Provide One Stop Communication Solution to eCommerce Businesses

Are you frustrated with contacting your customers one by one on WhatsApp? Are you struggling to assist your customers across different timezones? We are here to help!

Sanuker, the Business Solution Partner of Facebook and WhatsApp, allows you to easily integrate your Shopify store with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp chatbot. In one platform, you can manage multiple accounts and integrations; customise your chatbot; and monitor its performance in real time.

Success stories with Shopify Chatbots

Look at how other brands used Shopify chatbots to create a better customer journey.