Increase the sales of your business with chatbots

Jul 31, 2019

We explore how automation can help increase respond speed.



The internet has opened up many opportunities for businesses but has also created new problems. For sales teams, one of these problems is that consumers are increasingly getting used to obtain instant answers to all of their questions.

Computers, smartphones, search engines, and social media platforms have all contributed to this trend, and businesses are now facing the consequences.

A recent study commissioned by Facebook showed that on average “7 in 10 businesses surveyed think they are communicating effectively with customers – yet just 2 in 10 consumers surveyed agree”. This mismatch is, at least in part, a result of mismatched expectations where consumers have become used to the instant availability of information, but businesses have struggled to adapt.

Speed has become essential to sales

Today, most companies have understood that a quick response is essential to sales, but still, often struggle to achieve it due to financial and organizational reasons. Broadly speaking there are three methods to achieve faster response times: hiring more staff, externalizing the service, or using automation.

Hiring more staff tends to be the first option considered, but it is a risky proposition since new staff will take time to train and will add fixed costs to the company’s structure.

Outsourcing can solve the fixed cost issue and somewhat reduce the overall costs, but it comes with its own set of problems, related to the level of training of the new staff and the efficiency of communications between the outsourced staff and the company.

How automation can help

Automation, if done well, can offer the best path towards faster responses and 24/7 service.

Chatbots, in particular, can allow businesses to take advantage of the current trend towards text-based communication and be used to create a more efficient sales funnel.

Simple chatbots could be used, for example, to take over the early stages of a sales conversation and only enlist the help of the sales team when needed. Advanced systems could even be used to take over the entire conversation without the need for human intervention.

In both cases, even if the chatbot hands over to the human when the level of complexity required exceeds its programming, it will significantly reduce the workload of the sales team, allowing them to handle more messages and expand their operating hours.

Additionally, a chatbot’s ability to handle an almost unlimited number of conversations at the same time will guarantee an instantaneous response time and immediate engagement of the potential customer.

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