Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

Official WhatsApp API, your best live chat solution with native WhatsApp usage

Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

No more inbox!
All on your WhatsApp App

Looking for a perfect live chat solution for your sales teams on WhatsApp? Now you reply to WhatsApp Business API enquiries through your personal WhatsApp / WhatsApp Business App.

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We see your pain with Inbox Solution

Jenny is the sales team head and leading a team of 10. Her customers love to contact them through WhatsApp and she starts to search for a live chat solution where her team can reply to customers while she can monitor the conversations. She tried different inbox solutions in market but the team encountered same challenges.


Not everyone’s mobile can support the new App

The experienced sales had a hard time in learning how to use it

Costly as more agents join the team as it is charged per seats

Whatsapp inboxless manager
Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

Work-less, Seat-less and Inbox-less

Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution enables Jenny to enjoy a Inbox-less, Seat-less and Work-less live chat solution.

Inbox-less: Reply to customers coming from WhatsApp Business API with WhatsApp App.

Seat-less: Support unlimited agent seats, go big with your team size at no additional cost.

Work-less: Save agents’ time and efforts to learn a new tech solution .

Chat with your Customers in the Same Way You Chat with Friends

Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

Sanuker’s exclusive WhatsApp API Inbox Solution is designed for businesses who demand an instant, scalable, and easy-to-go live chat tool for enabling agents to connect with their customers in the same way they connect with friends.

With enterprise-grade solution, companies can now respond to customer live chat enquiries through their WhatsApp App in a secure, reliable, and customer-friendly way.

Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

Go Out of the Box with No Inbox

Enjoy Live Chat Like Never Before

agent WhatsAppBusiness App
With Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution, agent can:

  • Text freely with customers anytime, anywhere
  • Never miss any sales leads
  • 0 onborading time
manager WhatsAppBusiness App
With Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution, manager can:

  • Monitor and evaluate each teammates’ performance
  • Maintain the good quality service
  • Flexible and scalable to grow the team


Sanuker Whatsapp Creating an Account

Unlimited Agent Seats

Unlike other inbox solution, we support unlimited agent seats at no extra cost. You can save the monthly Inbox license fee on other spendings.
Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Product Recommendation

WhatsApp Native Experience

Your Sales team or CS team don’t need to learn a new inbox platform anymore. They can reply to customer as usual, just like how they talk to their friends on WhatsApp usually.

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Account Info Modifications

No extra inbox platform is needed

You no longer need to tie up with other inbox solutions. Forget all those hard times in updating the 3rd party Apps or learn a new solution.

Sanuker Chatbot Whatsapp Customer satisfaction

Comply with industry standard and regulations

Keep track of all conversations of the team with clients, meet up with industry guidelines and regulations

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