Lead qualification for real estate

Apr 1, 2020

We look at how technology can help companies to differentiate good leads from the rest.

Real Estate


Are leads wasting your time? The question might seem silly, but for some real estate companies managing leads can be a real problem. High-quality properties attract a lot of attention, but not every person that asks for information is really in a position to purchase. Some people might be just testing the market, others may not have the budget, and others still might just be curious about the property but not really interested.

Whatever the reason, in a traditional setup real estate companies, have to hire enough sales staff to take care of every incoming message. This, obviously, adds cost, but until recently it was the only way to avoid losing potentially valuable leads.

Lead qualification methods

Lead qualification is the process of filtering the leads that a company receives and keep only those that qualify as real potential customers. In real estate, this often means separating people who have a serious interest in purchasing or renting a property from everyone else.

One of the most popular solutions is using contact forms. They work well in some industries, but people tend to see them as obstacles and either fill them in with unreliable information or give up and never contact the company at all.

This can be fine for companies where leads don’t have a high value, but for industries like real estate where each customer can be worth thousands of dollars, the approach is unacceptable. Moreover, it is also incompatible with the current global trend towards conversational commerce and the increasing preference for message-based communication.

A new paradigm

Modern lead qualification systems take full advantage of the popularity of messaging apps and text-based communication. On these new communication platforms, the presence of human beings on the other side of a conversation is no longer essential and chatbots can take over large parts of the interaction.

Using chatbots allows real estate companies to provide 24/7 responses that are personalized and interactive, while also gathering information on the leads. Once a lead is sufficiently qualified the company has the option of seamlessly transferring the conversation to a human sales agent and continue with the sales process, or let the bot continue to do its job.

By using these systems, companies can easily provide faster, reliable, responses while also reducing the need for highly qualified sales staff and lowering the overall cost. The complexity of the chatbot can, of course, vary depending on the company’s needs and its unique circumstances.

Simple chatbots can simply act as a more flexible and friendly version of a contact form, while complex ones can interface with the company’s databases and provide a human-like conversational experience. Getting started on the journey is easy, just click on the contact link below and our team will be in touch with the details.