WorldFirst Success Story

China is a market with huge potential for many businesses, especially for WorldFirst – a world-renown international money service provider based in the UK, so we collaborated with them to improve their communications.


Engagement rate from users


The number of FAQ incoming enquiries before being escalated to CS team


Sales leads conversion from WeChat
WorldFirst FAQ, Live Chat, WeChat
Company Name: WorldFirst
Industry: Banking & Finance
Function: FAQ, Live Chat
Platform: WeChat

WorldFirst was born back in 2004 by two innovators in a South London basement armed with ten years of banking experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to provide customers a real alternative to the big banks in foreign exchange.


The Challenge

An Accessible Communications Channel

In order to aid in the effort of expanding their China Market share, WorldFirst requires a communication channel that can handle basic enquiries and easily accessible for all potential Chinese customers. For that purpose, we have built & launched a WeChat chatbot on WorldFirst’s Official WeChat Account.


The Solution

Building a Chatbot to Handle Enquiries

The chatbot can answer all incoming basic enquiry. If needed, user can choose to escalate the enquiry to a live chat agent.

For existing WorldFirst account holder, they will be redirected to customer service officer, while for potential customers, the sales leads will be escalated to the sales team that are categorised by region.

All types of live chat request will be aggregated to Teamwork app used by all live chat agents. The agents will answer in Teamwork and their replies will be sent to users in WeChat directly. Furthermore, any live chat request can be transferred between CS team and the sales team to follow-up.

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