Urbanic Success Story

The brand wanted to build consumer trust using WhatsApp Business API as means of communication.


Higher opt-in rates for WhatsApp as compared to other channels


Read rate for WhatsApp messages


The number of messages exchanged via WhatsApp

Company Name: Urbanic
Industry: E-Commerce
Function: Messenger Chatbot
Platform: WhatsApp

Urbanic is the only online shopping destination that offers you the most stylish, steal-the-show kind, gorgeous trends, ranging from vacations to formals to casuals to parties. An ultimate one-stop solution to all your fashion and design needs.


The Challenge

Providing instant service

As an online brand, Urbanic wanted to build trust and earn more purchases by always being available for its customers and providing excellent service. The company had previously used a webchat system to talk to customers, but after incorporating WhatsApp, it discontinued the system due to declining usage.


The Solution

A smooth customer journey

Urbanic chose WhatsApp as a channel to communicate with customers because it’s one of the most popular messaging platforms in India and widely used by the ecommerce company’s customers.

The ecommerce company worked with digital solutions provider Sanuker to integrate WhatsApp into its customer management system. Shoppers could opt in to the WhatsApp service on Urbanic’s website and mobile app, either when they registered for an account with Urbanic, or when they visited the checkout page at the time of purchase. Once they opted in, customers could message the brand’s customer service team directly, receive timely notifications about purchases, confirm or cancel orders, and even track their shipments all within WhatsApp—making the platform a one-stop shop for all of their needs.

With WhatsApp, Urbanic measured high message delivery and open rates. It could also communicate with customers easily since the platform is equipped to handle a large volume of customer messages. What’s more, the messaging platform allowed Urbanic to streamline its customer service efforts, since the brand is able to track orders via a customer’s phone number.

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Urbanic’s success story was featured on the Facebook for Business website.
You can read it in full here.

What customers say

“With WhatsApp, we were able to easily communicate with thousands of customers. We are hugely grateful for the team at Sanuker, who helped us integrate the platform into our customer management systems. Because WhatsApp has been such a success, we have future plans to expand our use of the platform to include providing product recommendations and stock availability.”

Krishna Gautam

Head of Customer Experience, Urbanic

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