Standard Chartered Success Story

The company has increased automation by getting most customers to buy directly via chat and decreasing phone calls.


Chatbot game completion rate


The number of messages sent


Company Name: Standard Chartered
Industry: Banking and Finance
Function: Chatbot Campaign
Platform: Fb Messenger

Standard Chartered is a multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in England. There are over 1200 branches and outlets that employ over 87,000 people across over 70 countries in the world. Standard Chartered has operations in consumer, corporate, and institutional banking as well as treasury services. It is listed on several stock exchanges and is considered a systemically important bank by the Financial Stability Board.


The Solution

From Facebook Post Video to Chatbot

The Standard Chartered chatbot campaign starts from a Facebook post, in which users can click to watch more of the video and learn more.

The chatbot will first opt for a one time notification (OTN) seeking permission from the user to send user messages. Then, the user can start the chatbot game in which they are prompted to watch videos about Standard Chartered’s banking services and answer questions.

chicme-chatbot (1)
chicme-chatbot-2 (1)
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The Results

Win Coupons & Grand Prizes by Interacting

By participating in the chatbot game journey, users can win e-coupons and enter a draw for the grand prize. After receiving the e-coupons for ice cream, users can then opt-in to receive notifications for the sequel to the video they watched and hence the next chance to win coupons and draw for a grand prize.

The chatbot successfully captured users with a total of 48865 messages sent, and a 67% completion rate in which coupons were sent out for participating in the chatbot game.

chart chicme

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