SnowFit Success Story

SnowFit’s Uplifts Customer Engagement with Sanuker

SnowFit was established in 2016 by Louis Low to revolutionise health and wellness within households across Malaysia. With a vision of ‘Wellness for Everyone,’ SnowFit aimed to integrate innovation into affordable, comfortable, and luxurious massage and fitness equipment, promoting better mental and physical health for all.

Today, SnowFit has emerged as one of Malaysia’s leading massage chair brands, renowned for exceptional quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Their next venture involves expanding their presence across the Southeast Asian region, starting with Singapore in 2024.

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Name: SnowFit
Industry: Retail & e-commerce
Solution: WhatsApp marketing campaign, WhatsApp chatbot and live chat
Platform: WhatsApp Business API

SnowFit, a leading message chair brand in Malaysia, works with Sanuker to launch an innovative “Sofa Trade-In” ESG campaign on WhatsApp to enhance their customer engagement, lead generation, and boost sales.

The challenge
SnowFit heavily relies on online commerce, necessitating effective online communication tools to grow and stay connected with their customers. Their key competitors, Ogawa and Osim, are well-established players in the massage chair industry. SnowFit, however, sets itself apart through diverse functionalities, competitive pricing, and a strong social media presence, fostering customer connections and engagement.

Nonetheless, the challenge remains to keep their customer base engaged while creating a simple and seamless journey that reflects its ethos.


The Solution

Transformation with Sanuker

To address these challenges, SnowFit partnered with Sanuker, a leading business messaging provider to leverage their WhatsApp API solution to enhance customer engagement, lead generation, and marketing campaigns. As an official business partner of Meta, Sanuker already possessed a proven track record of helping businesses of all sizes improve customer interactions and conversions.

With Sanuker’s WhatsApp API solution, SnowFit can effortlessly connect with customers, execute targeted promotional messages, and even automate the sales process. This enables them to build strong, long-term relationships with customers while streamlining operations.

Sofa Trade-In Campaign

In July 2023, SnowFit launched its innovative Sofa Trade-In campaign on WhatsApp as part of their sustainability strategy. The concept allowed households in Malaysia to exchange their old and unwanted sofas for a RM700 discount on a new SnowFit Massage Chair.

A WhatsApp promotional message was sent to SnowFit’s contacts, enabling interested customers to respond and schedule a convenient time for the SnowFit team to collect the sofa directly from their homes. The collected sofas were then carefully dismantled for recycling purposes.


The Results

SnowFit’s Uplifts Customer Engagement with Sanuker

Previously, SnowFit relied on manual messaging by sales representatives to retarget customers. However, with automated messaging and the verified business tick on WhatsApp, SnowFit gained instant trust and improved customer engagement. The promotional message reached thousands of recipients, with a remarkable 62% reading the message. As a result, conversion rates increased by 20%, and SnowFit successfully retained 98% of their message subscribers, highlighting the effectiveness of WhatsApp as a communication channel. Their Return on Ad Spend also witnessed an impressive 33-fold increase.

Through their partnership with Sanuker and strategic implementation of the WhatsApp API solution, SnowFit achieved notable success in uplifting customer engagement, driving sales, and enhancing their overall brand presence.

What customers say

“Sanuker is the most creative WhatsApp API solution provider, and with Sanuker’s WhatsApp business messaging strategy, it helps SnowFit to design the best WhatsApp strategy for our business.”
Louis Low

SnowFit CEO and Founder

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