PlayStation HK Success Story

The company successfully collected gamers’ preferences with the help of a chatbot that had incentives for users to complete it.


More people started a conversation via Messenger


Organic gamers reach


Completion rate of the survey
PlayStation Chatbot Survey Fb Messenger
Company Name: PlayStation HK
Industry: Gaming
Function: Survey
Platform: Fb Messenger

PlayStation is owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a gaming brand that produces video game console, handhelds and controllers.


The Challenge

Understanding User Preferences for Upcoming Games

PlayStation released a survey chatbot to collect gamers preferences for the coming year’s new game releases. Gamers were challenged to answer all the questions asked by the Chatbot.


The Solution

Survey with Chances to Win Prizes

In return, they got to participate in a lucky draw that would potentially win them a brand new PS4 Pro or the hottest games.

The rules were simple. If they shared with one unique friend, the chatbot would grant them one more chance to win the lucky draw. As a result, the chatbot gained a lot of organic reaches because gamers were spreading it to their social circles.

In addition, they released an easter egg chatbot to give out Dragon Quest Builder 2 DLC code for gamers who were interested in Dragon Quest.

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