Octopus Cards Success Story

Octopus was originally only used in public transportation such as buses, railways and ferries in Hong Kong, and later expanded to most public transportation, as well as retail business. Octopus also became more popular in schools, hospitals, offices and residences.

With such a large customer base, Octopus always requires a lot of manpower and cost to answer customer’s questions to meet high customer service quality.

They also found that customers prefer direct enquiries through Whatsapp rather than email or hotline calls.

Octopus Cards FAQ Chatbot
Company Name: Octopus
Industry: Public Transport
Function: FAQ Chatbot
Platform: WhatsApp

The Octopus card is a reusable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in online or offline systems in Hong Kong. The Octopus card has also evolved for use as payment in many retail shops in Hong Kong, including convenience stores, supermarkets, and fast-food restaurants.


The Challenge

Difficulty Answering All Customers’ Inquiries

Although Octopus already has its own customer service team with email and hotline channels, the agents are frequently caught up with customers on the line. They also found that customers prefer direct enquiries through Whatsapp rather than email or hotlines.

The limited customer service teams make it difficult for agents to respond to all customers in a timely and thorough manner. With such a large customer base, the customer service agents were having an increasingly difficult time responding to the repeated questions.


The Solution

Automate Responses with WhatsApp Chatbot

Although most of the information was available on the Octopus’s official website, customers would not organically navigate to the website but would rather ask their questions directly on their favorite messaging platform.

This is where the chatbot comes in. Along with Sanuker, Octopus implemented their WhatsApp chatbot that would automate answers to the simple questions customers were asking. With chatbot, questions would be classified into category and customers could easily explore the menu or select the category to solve their enquiries by getting the most accurate answer.

The chatbot could not only provide 24/7 instant responses that would comfort customers but prevent them from waiting too long. The chatbot can handle anything from displaying all the questions for customers to select, to answering customers’ basic inquiries , providing a wide range of services. It is more efficient for both the customers and the customer service team at Octopus.

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