McDonald’s Hong Kong
Success Story

McDonald’s HK has its own Facebook page with the original intent as a marketing tool to build brand presence and convey promotional content.

However, McDonald’s HK realised that some customers would contact them on their social media pages, treating it not only as a marketing channel but also a customer service channel.

The customers would comment on posts or ask questions on simple information like opening hours and the latest menu items.

McDonalds Customer Service Chatbot Messenger & WhatsApp

Company Name: McDonald’s
Industry: Food & Beverage
Function: Customer Service Chatbot
Platform: Fb Messenger & WhatsApp

McDonald’s is an American fast food company with over 38,000 stores globally and 21 billion USD in revenues. They are the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue and are known for its hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, and milkshakes. McDonald’s Hong Kong has won several Customer Service, Sustainability, and People Management awards in consecutive years.


The Challenge

Difficulty Answering All Customers’ Inquiries

Although McDonald’s HK already has its own customer service team with email and hotline channels, the agents are frequently caught up with customers on the line.

The limited customer service teams make it difficult for agents to respond to all customers in a timely and thorough manner. With the added inquiries from the Facebook page, the customer service agents were having an increasingly difficult time responding to the repeated questions.


The Solution

Automate Responses with a Chatbot

This is where the chatbot comes in. Along with Sanuker, McDonald’s HK created their chatbot on both Facebook and WhatsApp that would automate answers to the simple questions customers were asking.

Although most of the information was available on the McDonald’s official website, users would not organically navigate to the website but would rather ask their questions directly.

With the chatbot, agents no longer have to manually copy and paste exact links to user questions, or answer repeated questions. The chatbot could also provide instant responses that would comfort users and prevent them from waiting too long.

The chatbot can handle anything from finding a location nearby, to helping to download the McDonald’s app, providing a wide range of services. Only advanced inquiries would be directed to human agents, making it more efficient for both the customers and the customer service team at McDonald’s.

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