Lingnan University
Success Story

Lingnan University offers Literature, Business, or Sociology through its 3 faculties, 16 departments, and 19 undergraduate degree programs.

Therefore, the school wants their students to be able to access and better understand their subjects and school itself in a creative and interesting way.

Lingnan University
Name: Lingnan University
Industry: Education
Function: Gamification Chatbot
Platform: Instagram
Lingnan University (LU) is a liberal arts university in Hong Kong with the longest established tradition among the local institutions of higher education. It is an English-language institution. It aims to provide students with an education in the liberal arts tradition and has joined the Global Liberal Arts Alliance since 2012 Lingnan University became the first university in Hong Kong to accomplish the goal of providing a rich hostel experience for all undergraduates.

The Challenge

Difficulty in engaging existing customers

Lingnan University aimed to foster student development and create a community of learning and discovery with students and teachers.

The university also wanted their students to have a platform they can happily research for the subjects and the campus.


The Solution

Setting RPG Gamification Chatbot

With Business Messaging Expert Sanuker, the interesting solution for Lingnan University was to transform Instagram, the favorite social media platform among young people, into an educational RPG game “Lingscape” with chatbot that allow students to have greater access to university information.

Sanuker created a mini game on Instagram for Lingnan University with playful elements which students could enter the conversation easily with comment replies. The chatbot would automatically send a message about the options that the students needed to select and they will receive the virtual weapon by inputting their secondary school name. Students received a variety of tasks and stories that helped them get an overview of the school’s courses and stimulate messaging in the flow of events. By using diverse languages and engaging storytelling, the gamification chatbot easily got student’s interest, bringing efficiency and higher registration for the program details.

Lingnan University Gamification Chatbot
Based on the game flow, students could leave their email address to enter the mini games, such as guessing the card suit to get Ling points or decryption. In addition, the chatbot also prepared many questions and challenges for students to answer to keeps track of their subject interests. Students could know more about the university life, including Exchange Plan and the campus, through the conversations with gamification chatbot.

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