Lexus Hong Kong
Success Story

The company has increased automation by getting most customers to buy directly via chat and decreasing phone calls.


Doubled the caption of leads than with the curent method


Collected significant amount of data on NX color preference and driving behaviour.


Rate of completion of the quiz.
Lexus Live Chat Fb Messenger
Company Name: Lexus Hong Kong
Industry: Automobile
Function: Promotion, Game, Live Chat
Platform: Fb Messenger

Lexus made its debut in 1989 with the LS 400 premium luxury sedan. The LS was immediately hailed as an instant classic and one of the finest examples of automotive craftsmanship in the history of the industry. It remains an outstanding vehicle, its strengths complemented by exemplary customer service.

NX Be Your True Self Chatbot


The Challenge

Promoting Lexus’ Branding Strategy

To act jointly with the brand’s marketing strategy and promote the hero message “Be Your True Self” cohesively, we have created a chatbot campaign to invite drivers to explore the NX color combination that represents their true identity.


The Solution

Chatbot Campaign to Match Answers to Personality Traits

Drivers will go through a set of interesting questions to find out their “true self”. Chatbot will suggest a NX color match based on the answers they have selected and explain in details their personality result.

Lexus Chatbot


The Challenge

Customer support and better organization

The client was looking for a solution to provide fast and organized customer service. They had a heavy workload that consumed a lot of their agents’ time and did not allow them to focus on their main functions as sales team.


The Solution

A chatbot catered to the needs of the users

The chatbot will guide users through the journey with choices and lead them to various pre-defined paths. Once the chatbot can identify their interests, such as booking for a test drive and asking for a price plan, it will automatically create a ticket and alert the sales team on another messaging app. The sales team can then communicate with the users with this cross-app live chat capability.

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