Gainfull Motors
Success Story

The company has increased automation by getting most customers to buy directly via chat and decreasing phone calls.


The number of interaction rate after the campaign


Much more leads than first was estimated
Company Name: Gainfull Motors
Industry: Automobile
Function: Lead Generation
Platform: Fb Messenger, WhatsApp

Gainfull Motors was established in 1978 and has been a leading car importer in Hong Kong. With over thirty years of experience, Gainfull Motors imports a wide range of luxury cars both for wholesale and retail. They carry brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, and BMW. Gainful Motors has won the ISO 9001 for its Quality Management System in Hong Kong.


The Solution

Collecting Leads through Facebook Ads

The lead generation campaign works by having Automobiles Chatbot like Facebook ads with a call to action button, prompting users to input their name and WhatsApp phone number.

Once users input their information, hence submitting the lead form, the WhatsApp chatbot will be triggered and template messages informing users that the sales representatives will contact them soon will be sent…

chicme-chatbot (1)
chicme-chatbot-2 (1)
chicme-chabot-3 (1)

The Results

Using The WhatsApp chatbot & Slack Live Chat to Communicate with Users

With the lead form that the Facebook ad generates, Gainfull Motors is able to collect user information and communicate with them further to provide advertising or sales information.

Using Slack, Gainfull sales representatives can communicate with each user that they are contacting on WhatsApp in real time and provide a personalized experience with the help of Automobiles Chatbot.

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