A Drop of Life Success Story

When the popular communication channel WhatsApp integrates with the popular payment channel PayMe & PayPal, it makes the world a better place!

A Drop of Life

Company Name: A Drop of Life 
Industry: NGO
Function: WhatsApp Chatbot
Platform: WhatsApp

A Drop of Life is an NGO, established in 1998, dedicated to bringing clean water to those in need. A Drop of Life believes that access to clean water is everyone’s basic right to survive, and it is also the key to solving problems such as dropout of school and poverty. A Drop of Life implements sustainable water projects in Nepal, Cambodia and mainland China, building water facilities in mountainous areas. Since its establishment, A Drop of Life has benefited more than 4 million people.


The Challenge

Difficulty answering all donors 24/7

Nearly 5,000 residents of Bhupu Village in Nepal lack safe water sources. Villagers need to walk back and forth for 30 minutes or even two hours to obtain untreated drinking water, which seriously endangers the health of villagers, especially children, and wastes a lot of time and energy.

A Drop of Life is an NGO, they are helping the water-deficient residents in Nepal to build a drainage water supply system, but donors can only make online donation payments from their website, which is time-consuming, and A Drop of Life cannot respond or guide donors in time. They Hope to partner with Sanuker to optimize the donation process, encourage more people to donate and help refugees in Nepal.


The Solution

Donate with just a few clicks on WhatsApp

A Drop of Life has partnered with Sanuker to integrate the popular communication channel WhatsApp with the popular payment channel PayMe (by HSBC). Donors can simply click the link to start a conversation with A Drop of Life on WhatsApp. Through a pre-designed menu, donors can select the question they want to know, and the WhatsApp chatbot will automatically execute the payment process and provide 24/7 responses and step-by-step guidance.

In terms of payment, Sanuker intergarted WhatsApp with the two payment channels of HSBC PayMe and PayPal, making the donation process more convenient and fast! Donors only need to enter their identity on WhatsApp, click the link sent by the chatbot, and then they can successfully jump to the PayMe or PayPal payment page. After completing the simple procedure, the donation can be made successfully immediately. After payment, WhatsApp chatbot will generate a receipt to donors automatically for record tracking. A Drop of Life succesfully lowered the donation process and encouraged more people to donate!

A Drop of Life, WhatsApp Success Story

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