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We design products for you to jumpstart your chatbot journey with the utmost ease of mind to continuously push you to success through digital transformation.

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Live chat

Live Chat

Live Chat

Happy teams, happy customers, more than just an inbox


More Accessible Service

Connect your live agents to customers’ most daily-used messaging apps: Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and WeChat.

Smart Workflow

Smarter Workflow

Enable agents to proporitize, escalate and resolve the issues in the shortest possible time.

First tier robotic support

First-Tier Robotic Support

Save your agents time and energy for repeatedly-asked questions and respond to customers during off-hours.

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Speed to service is always one of the keys to customer retention.

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WhatsApp Business API

We are a Global WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

WhatsApp - Customer Centric Experience

Customer-Centric Experience

Provide 24-hour service that is consistent in responses while saving the costs of hiring a large customer service team.


Multiple Agents Available

Handle multiple chats professionally with a team of agents and a smart workflow.


Build Customer Trust

WhatsApp Business API enables businesses to have a presence on WhatsApp and provides a verified business account (green tick).

WhatsApp Business API

Unlock 2 billion+ opportunities on yout customers’ most favourite messaging app.

chatbot builder

Chatbot Builder

Chatbot Builder

Build your first bot in minutes, with or without coding yourself

Conversational engagement

Customize Your Conversational Engagement

Create different dialogue trees and design at which point a tree turns into a specific business scenario.


Support Multimedia Messages

Send not only messages in text form, but also stickers, GIF, images, audios, and videos.


Add Effective Integrations

Empower your chatbot with intelligence from CRMs, Shopify, inventory systems, recommendation engines, etc.

Chatbots will only be useful if you have a friendly and powerful builder behind it.


CRM Integration / Hub

Automate your business processes to get ready to scale

Outside the box

Think Outside the Box

Design a helpful chatbot to take every small and repetitive task from your daily routine.

Control your own stack

Control Your Own Stack

Work with your existing CRMs, ERPs, online stores, etc, and your future ones.


Enhance Organizational Collaboration

Run multiple business operations simultaneously within different designated teams under a huge organization.


Consumer, purchasing and Sanuker are inseparable. Cross-border brand TIJN has been focusing on the eyewear industry for 5 years and has joined hands with Sanuker to provide unique shopping and customer experience ever since. Thanks to the sales and data support of Sanuker on major e-commerce platforms, we are able to optimise our business and drive sales in every channels. Sanuker can not only keep up with time and take the hot e-commerce trend, but also work with brands like the TIJN to speak with results and pursue the new retail methods through innovative solutions. TIJN and Sanuker will take on any challenges and thrive together.



Generate leads and increase conversion rates with your own chatbot.