Personalized Vs Standard responses in business chatbots

Mar 4, 2020

Should your chatbot use standardized or personalized answers? The answers will help you choose the right chatbot



Should your chatbot use standardized or personalized answers? What about mood detection? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you choose the right chatbot for your business.

The obvious answer may seem to be that you need the most advanced chatbot you can get, but adding unnecessary complexity to a system will often lead to an increase in cost and potential problems.

Simple solutions for simple problems

Most chatbots do not need to give personalized answers. Their job is to answer questions from users and in most cases, the answer will be the same for anyone. Adding the ability to recognize a user may even seem creepy or weird if the person is not expecting the chatbot to have that information.

Moreover, to allow a chatbot to personalize answers we need to add complexity by allowing it to access data about the user. This could be something as simple as their location or as complex as extracting their profile, past purchases, and past conversations from the company’s CRM.

Recognizing users

If the interaction between user and chatbot happens on a regular basis or is likely to be a series of interactions that happen on different days, it becomes important for the chatbot to recognize the user. For example, if a person is trying to check the status of a problem that the company is trying to solve for them, it can be frustrating to have to repeat the initial explanation every time to get the bot to provide an update.

Customer service chatbots and internal communication chatbots are usually the ones that can benefit the most from having the ability to remember users and continue conversations from the point they were left off at. Members-only services and pages can also benefit from a more personalized interaction with the chatbot, and use it as a way to provide a more exclusive feel.

Mood detection

Mood detection is one of the most advanced chatbot features and usually requires the addition of artificial intelligence to the system. It can be especially useful for certain types of customer service situations where detecting a customer’s mood can help the chatbot to better phrase its response. Advanced systems can also detect things like irony and snarky comments that should not be taken literally by the chatbot.

Each step up in complexity will usually add cost to the system and, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to identify the right solution for each company.

To help you understand this complex world and identify the best option, we have put together a team of experts that will be more than happy to listen to your problem and guide you towards the best solution. Reach out to them by using the link below.