Optimize Meta Ads ROI

How to Save 95% on Meta Ads Spend and Maximize ROI with Sanuker Conversion API: A Game Changer for Digital Marketing

by | May 6, 2024

How much do you spend on Meta ads every month? What is the ROI of your ads campaigns? How do you improve your ROI?
In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, mastering ad placement on Meta platforms is crucial for any marketer aiming to optimize return on investment (ROI). Sanuker, a pioneer in business messaging, integrates Meta Conversion API with WhatsApp to enable marketers to leverage the latest “Ads that Click to WhatsApp” in drive conversion with WhatsApp; significantly enhance ad performance and reduce retargeting cost. Want to learn how? Check out our article below.

Why You Need Sanuker Conversion API?

Meta’s Conversion API was introduced to enhance the tracking of audience conversion goals across its platforms. However, when a brand boosts “Ads that Click to WhatsApp”, the Meta ad system can only measure the number of clicks opening the WhatsApp conversations and loses the tracking of real conversions within WhatsApp chat. It causes a tracking gap in the performance of real conversion of “Ads that Click to WhatsApp”.

​Track Conversion Goals in WhatsApp

Here is where Sanuker Conversion API can help. Sanuker bridges this gap by integrating the Conversion API into our omnichannel messaging platform, WOZTELL , enabling precise measurement of in-chat WhatsApp conversions. For example, whether they click a desired button, redeem a coupon, or purchase in WhatsApp. The precise monitoring of conversion goals within WhatsApp chats not only provides valuable insights into real conversion actions, but also feeds this data back to the Meta ads system for improved targeting accuracy.

Maximizing Meta Ads ROI with Sanuker Conversion API Strategy

By placing Sanuker Conversion API in WhatsApp conversations, we can now effectively measure the ads performance of Click to WhatsApp Ads and optimize Meta ads system targeting with the conversion data. So how does it work? What is the recommended Meta Ads strategy introduced by Sanuker?

Optimize Meta Ads ROI

Enhance your Digital Marketing with Sanuker WhatsApp Strategy

Driving Conversions with Click to WhatsApp Ads

At the brand awareness stage, placing Meta ads increases exposure to targeted audiences. Then, we recommend brands can place Ads that Click to WhatsApp / Messenger and can directly engage potential customers on their daily messaging platforms.

Here, marketers can employ automated chatbots or live agents to provide immediate assistance, with Sanuker Conversion API tracking these interactions to gauge their effectiveness.

Save up to 95% of Retargeting Costs

Sanuker’s Conversion API revolutionizes retargeting by enabling marketers to save up to 95% of retargeting expenses. By sending targeted WhatsApp broadcast messages and creating custom audiences for retargeting on Meta platforms, Sanuker ensures that efforts are economically efficient and focused on users who have demonstrated genuine interest, thereby maximizing the potential for conversions.

With Sanuker Conversion API, you may retarget your customers at a much lower cost:

Send broadcast to reactivate your audience

Create custom audience with Sanuker CAPI for retargerting ads on Meta


Integrating the Meta Conversion API with WhatsApp, Sanuker CAPI represents a transformative approach to digital marketing. Tailored to meet the needs of digital marketers across various industries, it offers precision, efficiency, and scalability. For those aiming to refine their digital advertising strategies and significantly boost their ROI on Meta platforms, Sanuker CAPI provides a robust, results-oriented solution.

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