A key trend helps real estate companies sell to millennials

Sep 9, 2020

Real estate companies need to learn a key new trend to sell to millennials and future-proof their communication strategy.

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Would you rather call someone or send them a message? Most people will think the answer is obvious, but the problem is that the answer people consider to be the obvious one will change depending on their age. Older generations find phone calls convenient and easy, but millennials and younger generations hate phone calls.

If you are a realtor that puts up one of those signs with your phone number in front of properties, this is a serious problem. Millennials today are between 22 and 38 years old, they are in a prime renting and buying age, and alienating them is just not an option.

A trend that is here to stay

What’s more, younger generations are likely to follow the millennials’ lead because the dislike of phone calls isn’t just a quirk, it is a reaction to a world where people have become more accessible than ever. As Forbes pointed out, phone calls “seem invasive because they demand an instant response” and, in a world where DMs and instant messages pile up, this is unacceptable outside of emergencies.

Companies may of course argue that they don’t mind people calling them whenever they need, but this cultural trend is so deep-rooted that newer generations are unlikely to listen. After all, phone calls are no longer a natural thing for them, and companies that provide more natural ways to contact them will always have an edge.

Building a future-proof strategy

Millennials are the last generation that remembers what growing up without the internet was like. They remember an age when people were not reachable 24/7 and information wasn’t instantly accessible. Even younger millennials still remember slow internet connections and messaging apps like MSN Messenger that only worked when both people were online at the same time.

However, as time passes, people who reach the realtor’s target demographics are becoming increasingly used to this instant information, 24/7 attention world, and are posing a difficult challenge for real estate companies. After all, people may be used to 24/7 access, but realtors are human beings and can’t work all day long or pay constant attention.

Hiring more staff is also not an option because it would increase costs and websites, while very useful, are no longer enough. To cope with the age of conversational commerce, smart real estate companies have realized that chatbots are the best solution. Modern chatbots are great at answering questions, recording data on CRMs, and can talk to hundreds of people at the same time without taking any breaks or needing to sleep.

Of course, to work well a chatbot needs to be designed to fit each company’s unique culture, structure, and local conditions. Getting started in the process is easy, all you need to do is click on the contact link below and let our team help you.