Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution Unleash WhatsApp Commercial Potential

by | Jan 3, 2023

This article explains in detail how the Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution, exclusive by Sanuker, allows enterprises to break through WhatsApp commercial bottlenecks, improve the convenience of information management and achieve high-efficiency and high-quality online conversations!


Sanuker to promote business messaging for commerce opportunities

Living in Hong Kong, we have long been accustomed to using WhatsApp, a powerful and popular communication software. But how much do you know about it as a business messaging tool? And is it possible to maximize the commercial potential of WhatsApp and improve marketing efficiency? The Inboxless WhatsApp Solution is a full-featured commercial online conversation solution. It is exclusively provided by Sanuker*, a conversational business expert certified by Meta, which will definitely refine the usage WhatsApp for business, and generate infinite assistance for your business!

Break through the Bottleneck of Using WhatsApp Business Messaging

In recent years, many companies have tried to use WhatsApp communication software to conduct marketing conversations with customers. However, due to the limitations of WhatsApp, businesses may encounter many “bottlenecks”. For example, when SMEs make use of WhatsApp Business App (Business Edition) or WhatsApp App (Personal Edition) to answer inquiries from potential customers, they encounter an insufficient numbers of WhatsApp login accounts when merchants expand their scale; another common problem is that when merchants broadcast the latest information or offer to customers in bulk, they are often blocked by WhatsApp. The businesses are unable to respond to other customer inquiries because of the suspension of the WhatsApp account.

Therefore, many companies have adopted WhatsApp Business API solution which is tailor-made for businesses. This solution allows businesses to broadcast messages to customers on a large scale. In addition, even if the account is blocked, it only needs to wait for 7 days before it can be automatically unblocked. However, the WhatsApp Business API is required to link to the “third-party inbox solution” for a live chat with customers, which greatly weakens its potential and marketing effect.

In view of this, Sanuker, a conversational business expert, customised the Inboxless WhatsApp Solution, which breaks through the tradition, so that corporate users do not need to connect and download a third-party inbox solution, and can continue to use WhatsApp to have real-time dialogue with customers through WhatsApp Business API. This can greatly reduce the complicated use and connection procedures. Businesses can enjoy the easier-to-use and easier-to-manage business dialogue marketing experience.

Seamless Integration with WhatsApp App

With Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution, corporate users can automatically forward WhatsApp conversations sent by consumers to specific or pre-arranged marketing team members’ personal mobile numbers by inputting simple instructions in advance. In other words, team members only need to use the personal version of WhatsApp as usual, and they can initiate real-time online conversations with consumers in the name of the enterprise at any time, which can greatly reduce the workload of information support, and at the same time enable consumers to enjoy a seamless user experience with a smoother process. This will help enhance consumers’ favorability towards brand companies, and then achieve more ideal marketing effects.

Seamless Integration with WhatsApp App

Flat Rate with an Unlimited Number of Users

Although there are many “omni-channel inboxes” on the market, yet the general charging model of such solutions is based on the number of user accounts. The entry version of many solutions can only support 2-3 accounts which failed to meet the needs of a large-scale enterprise team. Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution is a comprehensive conversational business solution for large teams. It allows corporate users and their huge teams to use this solution with an unlimited number of team users at a flat price which is easier to manage usage costs and IT budgets. In addition, the larger the marketing team of an enterprise user, the more cost-effective it will be to use Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution which outperforms other commercial communication solutions on the market.

No Need Additional Inbox, Using Your Personal Mobile Phone to Chat Anytime and Anywhere

Most importantly, Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution breaks through the limitations of other inbox solutions on the market. Only one WhatsApp app is needed to communicate with customers anytime and anywhere. No need to worry about downloading additional third-party apps, having trouble regularly updating the app or incompatibility with certain mobile phone models. With Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution, using WhatsApp to handle marketing conversations sent by consumers by personal mobile phones of team members is easy.

WhatsApp In-App Payment to Increase Conversion Rate

In addition to easily communicating with consumers through WhatsApp, Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution also supports In-App payment. Salespersons can send the payment link to consumers directly via WhatsApp after customers placing the order. Flawless business conversations are possible by converting conversation to transactions.

After the customer completes the payment, the salespersons will automatically receive the payment completion notification, and the consumer will also automatically receive the payment record and receipt. With a single communication solution, a more convenient and efficient transaction process and records management are realized.

Convenient Management and Flexible Expansion

Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution allows companies to store conversation data in cloud or on the company’s internal server, which greatly improves the convenience of information management and allows the management level to better control all communications between the working level and customers. At the same time, Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution can be connected to additional application functions or program interfaces provided by third-parties (such as the automatic reply function of chatbots), further expanding the application potential of WhatsApp business conversations. It is currently the most flexible and scalable API on the market.

Comparison of Inboxless WhatsApp Solution (provided exclusively by Sanuker) with other Inbox products

Sanuker WhatsApp API Inbox Solution

Make the Most of Your Advantages and Create Unlimited Commerce Opportunities Online

To take the above advantages, corporate users can conduct various interactive dialogues with consumers through WhatsApp, including not only general inquiries or after-sales services, but also commercial transactions, account registration, new customer recommendation, discount promotion, and logistics inspection… Almost all the detail work related to sales can be carried out online without interruption through Sanuker’s Inboxless WhatsApp Solution.

Corporate customers are more widely understand that online dialogue is a door that can connect consumers and improve business effectiveness, but there are still a few who really knows the key. Since its establishment in 2015, Sanuker has focused on the research and development of intelligent applications related to online conversations, hoping to help more far-sighted companies effectively expand their customer base and improve service levels through powerful functions in online conversation and newly developed value-added tools. Sanuker firmly believes that using Sanuker Inboxless WhatsApp Solutio〉 for efficient and high-quality online conversations will definitely help your business explore more commerce opportunities!

*About Sanuker ─ Meta Certified Global Business Partner
Sanuker, a conversational commerce expert, is a partner of Meta, and also a “Selected WhatsApp Business Solution Provider” officially certified by Meta. We focus on unleashing the huge potential advantages of WhatsApp communication software. Sanuker understands the difficulties that enterprises encounter in digital transformation, so we aspire to assist businesses in grasping the latest technology faster and more accurately in the same time reducing the learning cost for businesses.