How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification: Sanuker's Comprehensive Guide

How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification: Sanuker’s Comprehensive Guide

by | Jun 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered why some WhatsApp numbers have a green check mark next to their display name? This coveted symbol signifies a WhatsApp Official Business Account (OBA), indicating that the number is the verified official account of a brand.
For businesses, obtaining this green check mark is a powerful way to enhance credibility and foster trust with customers.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of securing this verification, highlighting the benefits and steps involved, and sharing expert tips from Sanuker, a leading WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Discover how to elevate your business’s presence on WhatsApp and ensure your customers recognize your account as trustworthy and authentic.

Understanding Green Check Verification

These are WhatsApp Official Business Accounts (OBA). WhatsApp provides green check verification for each account on the WhatsApp Business platform to verify the authenticity of the brand.

The green check mark on WhatsApp indicates a verified business account, meaning the WhatsApp number is the official account of the brand. Therefore, many brands aim to obtain the green check mark for their numbers to increase customer trust.

Importance of Green Check Verification

Besides representing the authenticity of the number, the green check mark has other benefits. If your WhatsApp account is a business account (including the WhatsApp Business App and uncertified WhatsApp Business API), the display name only appears in small text in the contact view; in all other views, only the phone number is displayed. By completing your business information, including company website, address, and business hours, you can help customers learn more about your company.

How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification

Once the WhatsApp API account is officially verified (WhatsApp Official Business Accounts – OBA), the company name will be displayed even if the user has not added the business to their contact list, and there will be a green check mark next to the name.

How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification

Even if the WhatsApp Business API number is not verified, businesses can still send messages to customers. Green badge is only needed when you are ready to expand marketing, utility, and identity verification conversations.

Documents required for Green Check Verification

Businesses can apply for green check verification for their WhatsApp Business API account to verify that the number belongs to the company officially. Before applying for green check verification, ensure you meet the following conditions:

  • Applied for WhatsApp Business API through a Business Solution Provider (BSP)
  • Complete business profile setup: Your profile should be fully set up, including business name, logo, and contact information.
  • Compliance with WhatsApp policies: Adhere to all WhatsApp business and commerce policies.
  • The WhatsApp Business API account has passed Meta’s business certification.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled

Steps to Apply for Green Check Verification

Step 1: Register for WhatsApp Business API

  • Collaborate with a BSP: Work with a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) like Sanuker to gain API access.
  • Set up your profile: Ensure your business profile is complete and accurate.

Step 2: Apply for Verification through the WhatsApp Manager

  • Access business settings: Log into your Meta Business Suite and go to business settings.
  • Add WhatsApp account: Under “Accounts,” add your WhatsApp account.
How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification
  • Click the “Submit Request” button and fill out the required information. You can submit up to 5 links to demonstrate your business’s visibility.
How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification

Step 3: Wait for Review and Approval

  • WhatsApp Review: WhatsApp will review your application to ensure it complies with their policies.
  • Approval Notification: If approved, you will receive a notification, and a green check mark will appear next to your business name.

Increase brand visibility to boost successful application

When WhatsApp reviews green check applications, one of the main criteria is evaluating brand visibility. Visibility indicates whether the company is a well-known and frequently searched brand.

Visibility is also reflected in whether the brand is widely reported in online news articles. The more appearances in mainstream media, the higher the chance of certification. Paid or promotional content, including commercial or application listings, is not considered as review sources.

Official Business Accounts are issued at the phone number and display name level. We evaluate the visibility of the business account display name applying for OBA status. If the display name is changed after obtaining OBA status, we will need to reassess the visibility and compliance of the new display name.

In addition to increasing brand visibility, ensuring the following information is correct is also key to successful application:

  • Accurate Information: Ensure all provided business information is accurate.
  • Policy Compliance: Strictly adhere to WhatsApp’s business and commerce policies.
  • Active Interaction: Regularly interact with your customers to demonstrate the platform’s active and valuable use.

What to Do if Your Application is Rejected?

If your application is rejected, businesses need to wait 30 days before resubmitting the request for an Official Business Account. You can continue to enhance your brand visibility during the waiting period and resubmit the request after 30 days.

How to Obtain WhatsApp Business API Account Green Check Verification

Apply WhatsApp Green Badge through WhatsApp BSP – Sanuker

Obtaining the green check verification for your WhatsApp Business API account can significantly enhance your business’s credibility and customer engagement. Sanuker, a global official agent (BSP) of WhatsApp, offers free WhatsApp Business API green check certification services. Contact us now!

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