Success within 5 minutes! WhatsApp Business API Application and Feature Tutorial from Solution Provider!

Many multinational corporations in Hong Kong have started using WhatsApp to communicate with customers. WhatsApp Business API (“WABA”), which is different from personal and business accounts, is the third type of WhatsApp account.


WhatsApp Business API


As a WhatsApp Business API provider, Sanuker has prepared the WhatsApp Business API application and feature tutorial, hoping to help you use this tool more proficiently!

WhatsApp Business API Tutorial

WABA is a service designed by WhatsApp for medium and large enterprises. Since there is no user interface, it must be combined with other platforms or programmes to use. Through WABA, you can have multiple specialists manage the same WhatsApp account, and you can also use chatbots for automated conversations, reducing customer service manpower. Many companies will also combine WABA with third-party inbox systems (such as Slack, Micorsoft Team, Zendesk, etc.), or provide the higher-level services by utilizing internal systems, such as sending reminders for payment, querying logistics status, recommending related products and browsing members points and discounts etc.

You can understand the differences between the three WhatsApp accounts from the table below

differences between the three WhatsApp accounts

Obstacles in applying for WhatsApp Business API

All businesses must apply for WABA through an official WhatsApp badged business solution provider (BSP). In addition to the time required to apply, different partners have different application procedures and methods, some of which may not be transparent enough for businesses to keep track of their applications.

Currently, a verified Facebook Business Manager is essential to apply for WABA. Not only does the process take one to two weeks, but Facebook also requires companies to submit specific company documents for investigation during the verification process. This ends up being a big headache for many companies.

We often get the question, “Can I transfer my existing WhatsApp Business App number to the WhatsApp Business API?”. The short answer is yes. But the existing user information and chat history stored in the WhatsApp Business App will disappear. Please contact us directly if you need to do so, and we will provide the best solution to help you make the transition.

How can Sanuker help?

Sanuker is an expert in WhatsApp Business API solutions. According to the needs of your brand and promotional activities, we design conversational business experience and provide one-stop service to help you develop WhatsApp automated marketing, including WABA account application to solution design and implementation.

If you want to apply for WABA by yourself, you can also apply through Woztell, a chatbot platform developed by Sanuker. Enterprises can design different types of chatbots by themselves and manage them in the backend on the platform. In order to allow enterprises to manage their WABA applications independently, Sanuker has launched a self-service WABA registration system on Woztell, which clearly displays the procedures and status. Best of all, we won’t charge you anything until your WABA is approved and connected to Woztell.

Here are the steps:

1. First, register a Woztell account. After registration, click on “Start WABA Setup”

Start WABA Setup

2. Fill in the information in the pop-up window, including a verified Facebook Business Manager ID, legal name of business, WABA number and the display name.

Fill in the information WABA number and the display name
Tips! Before choosing the preferred number, please note the following:

  • You can choose a mobile or land line number
  • The number can receive SMS or phone call
  • Before you submit the application, there must be no existing WhatsApp connection for the number

If there is any updates, such as the display name being rejected, we will send out a notification to Woztell and your registered email.

3. After successful application, you can click on “Deploy Now” to complete the WABA setup. 

Deploy Now
If all the information submitted is complete, the WABA application process takes around 5 to 7 days. 
When your WABA is set, you can develop your own chatbot!
Deploy Now

Understanding Woztell!

Woztell is a custom chatbot platform that requires no coding skills. Even marketers can easily create simple chatbots, while developers can design, modify conversation flow and upgrade chatbots at any time through coding for live chat, CRM and eCommerce functions! Woztell provides a variety of features corresponding to WhatsApp Business API, which cater to the needs of different companies. The following are the three most popular WhatsApp Business API features that customers love most:

Explore WhatsApp marketing! WhatsApp broadcast messages

Woztell has designed a push platform to match the marketing strategy of our customers, allowing them to freely choose whom to push and send personalized messages to. We have optimized the interface to allow customers to select specific push times and pre-defined push messages to reduce customer anxiety. In addition, customers can choose specific targets and send messages in advance for testing to reduce the incidences of mis-sending a message.

Woztell Push Panel
WOZTELL’s Push Panel

Realising personalization in marketing strategies, members’ data storage

WOZTELL also has a secured members’ data storage. The messaging platform, e.g. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, used by each member will be clearly marked. You can also add a member tag when designing the dialogue process. So that you can know each member’s preferences by referring to the member tags. If you want to look through the detailed conversation, just click “View Conversation” and you will be able to see it at a glance. If necessary, you can also click “Export” to export the conversation record. WOZTELL has a filtering function, just click the funnel icon in the upper left corner, and you can quickly find the conversation records of a specific member.

Members’ data storage in Woztell
Members’ data storage in WOZTELL

Support omnichannel platform

WOZTELL offers comprehensive omnichannel support for our customers to keep them connected to the world. We offer all popular communication software and are well-versed in the limitations and terms of each platform, allowing our customers to use the chatbot on as many platforms as they need without worry.

Supported software by WOZTELL
Supported software by WOZTELL

Don’t hesitate and take action now! Sanuker is the official WhatsApp Business API provider. If you need any assistance with WhatsApp Business API application, feature tutorial or business solutions, visit Sanuke’s website at https://sanuker.com/ or reach us by email at hello@sanuker.com to learn more.

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