How powerful are Chatbots? Learn why companies are building Chatbot in 2 minutes!

by | Jun 20, 2022

Whether you want to expand your business scope, start a new company or find sales opportunities, you must not miss the always-on virtual assistant – Chatbot! Maybe you have heard of it or actually used it, but you can read this article to give you a deeper understanding of how to use chatbots on the most popular messaging platforms nowadays.



Whether you want to expand your business scope, start a new company or find sales opportunities, you must not miss the always-on virtual assistant – Chatbot! Maybe you have heard of it or actually used it, but you can read this article to give you a deeper understanding of how to use chatbots on the most popular messaging platforms nowadays.

In the past decades, messaging has become part of daily life. From private to public institutions, social media and messaging channels have become the key to communication and work cooperation nowadays. The total number of active social media users around the world is 4.2 billion. In other words, up to 53.6% of the world’s population is using social media. Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, points out that there are 1.3 billion Messenger users interacting with 40 million brands and businesses monthly; While WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging channels in the world, with more than 2 billion users worldwide. With such popularity, companies can use messaging tools to connect with potential customers, and they can push promotions or special offers to customers in bulk.

Given the fast growing active users available who are spending hours a day using social media across platforms, it is not surprising that chatbots on Messenger and WhatsApp have become the core of global conversational commerce.

Installing chatbots on customers’ preferable platforms can serve as a CS to instantly solve customer inquiries, lead generation to reach out to potential customers, re-engagement to boost up consumers’ loyalty to the brand, and encourage purchase by better customer satisfaction. Business messaging expert Sanuker listed out the reasons why brands are building chatbots, let’s take a look!


What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is a type of software that can help customers by automating conversations and interact with them through messaging platforms.. It is also essential to kickstart conversational commerce. 

Messaging Platforms by Sanuker

What kinds of chatbots are there?

  • 24/7 instant reply chatbot:Installing chatbots on the messaging platforms can automate the flow of conversations with customers, process large volumes of messages and inquiries at once, and help provide instant responses in order to creating a more optimized customer experience.

Messenger chatbot for ChicMe

  • FAQ chatbot:In addition to providing basic replies, chatbot can also set automatic replies for common inquiries. When the keyword of the question is detected, chatbot will automatically send the preset answers to the user. Also, the number of questions is not limited. FAQ chatbot can greatly reduce the work of the customer service team.

WhatsApp chatbot for McDonald Hong Kong

  • NLP chatbot:You can improve the intelligence of your FAQ chatbot by integrating natural language processing engines. Thus, when a user inputs a sentence without matching any keywords in the data source, the system will still be able to redirect the user to the desired outcomes by using the NLP engine to analyze the intent of the user input. Furthermore, Sanuker now supports Google Dialougue Flow and Microsoft Luis’s NLP Engine.


  • Chatbot with live chat: When the chatbot encounters a question that cannot be answered, chatbot with live chat function can immediately direct the conversation to the relevant customer service person for processing. It allows companies to handle customer inquiries more effectively.


Sanuker’s chatbot on Messenger (left) and WhatsApp (right)

Sanuker has launched an exclusive live chat Microsoft Teams inbox solution, click here to learn more!

Why do brands need chatbots?

Chatbots play an important role in the marketing funnel, from pre-sales to increase brand exposure. Chatbots can provide product information during customer purchase journey to increase customers’ desire to buy from the shopping process to after-sales service and remarketing strategies:

  • Pre-sales: Companies can use eye-catching marketing content as a channel for customers to interact with chatbots, encourage customers to start a conversation with chatbots, and then build a bridge between brands and community fans. This allows consumers to know more brand information and fully understand the product before purchasing. Chatbots can also help build a good brand image.
  • Enhance the shopping experience: Using chatbots, you can easily set up templates to quickly respond to customers 24/7 without letting them wait, provide personalized product recommendations, and automatically offer discount codes to lead customers to proceed to purchase! Automated customer service can also help companies reduce customer service team burdens.
  • After-sales service: A full range of chatbots can help customers track orders online, product delivery progress, return and exchange progress, etc., without waiting for the customer service team to reply one by one. It allows customers to check their purchase journey anytime, anywhere, and improve customer experience which would make consumers more loyal to the brand.
  • Remarketing: Chatbots can collect conversational data and segment customers through tagging, so companies can easily target the right audience group and send remarketing messages to drive results. Send fewer messages with higher accuracy and achieve a spam-free marketing strategy!

Highly flexible to integrate with instant messaging channels, CRM system and more to kickstart conversational marketing

In addition to the above advantages, chatbots have been widely used in recent years. They can properly manage customers in combination with the brand’s CRM system to track customer behavior for remarketing across channels like, websites, LINE, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WeChat for a better customer service experience.

Sanuker is a partner of Messenger, including Facebook and Instagram, and WhatsApp. Click below to download the official eBook, learn how to make use of the platform’s features to build chatbots and learn more about Sanuker’s useful communications marketing strategy.

Messenger chatbot application / WhatsApp chatbot application


Sanuker can also provide omni-channel communication experience. By integrating conversational channels, it can have a more cohesive chat flow with target customers, utilize the advantage of conversational marketing, and provide comprehensive online experience across platforms. Sanuker improves customer service efficiency, whether it is pre-sales product inquiries or after-sales customer relationship maintenance, and turns conversation into a business opportunity!

Using chatbots, customer service costs will be greatly reduced, not only saving advertising costs, but also reducing the time for the general human customer service team to reply and the time for customers to wait.

What kind of business is suitable for chatbots?

Any businesses/industries with customer service or remarketing needs, it’s definitely suitable to adopt chatbots,  especially in insurance, real estate, banking, e-commerce, luxury brands and retail. Keeping up with the trend, while optimizing the customer experience, increases the buying incentives.

Data shows that live chat customer service gets 73% satisfaction rate, while email and phone call customer service only get 61% and 44% respectively. Banks, real estate and e-commerce companies use online chat services to enhance customer experience. Chatbots allow businesses to leverage automation to scale their business, as users can message businesses anytime and receive 24/7 instant responses for a more optimized customer experience. As long as the company has customer service or remarketing needs, it is undoubtedly suitable to keep up with the chatbots trend. While optimizing the customer’s website experience, the possibility of consumers’ purchase is increased!

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Facebook pointed out that 91% of consumers look for a personalized shopping experience. With chatbots, companies can build a more complete sales model through personalized conversational. While solving problems, chatbots can also recommend products, cross-sell, and react to user messages to deliver personalized customer experience! Companies are able to make the best use of limited resources in this way.


Understanding how chatbots work and installing them into your marketing strategies and customer service channels is important if you want to stay competitive! We can provide you with a free consultation, contact us to learn more!