How can Facebook Chat Plugin Boost Website Conversion and What is it?

by | Feb 25, 2022

In this article, you will learn about: What is Facebook Chat Plugin How to boost conversion with Facebook Chat Plugin Benefits of Facebook Chat Plugin




In this article, you will learn about:

  1. What is Facebook Chat Plugin

  2. How to boost conversion with Facebook Chat Plugin

  3. Benefits of Facebook Chat Plugin


What is Facebook Chat Plugin?

Facebook Messenger statistics reveal that 20 billion messages are exchanged every month between businesses and customers. Customers prefer personalized or one-on-one conversations with their favorite brand. According to experts, the higher your engagement rate, the higher your chances of conversion. Thanks to the introduction of auto-responders and chatbots on the Facebook Messenger platform, businesses can now offer real-time information to millions of customers instantly which is an essential tool when planning your digital marketing campaign. 


Facebook Chat Plugin is your 24/7 CS on website

Chat Plugin makes it easy for website customers to reach you with just a click. Using the Facebook Chat Plugin tool installed on your website, you can directly contact your potential customers and if automated, funnel them directly to wherever you are 24/7. Delight customers with personalized advice and service, or by providing fast answers to commonly asked questions.

Key to provide personalized customer service

 Meta has built its own Chat Plugin that integrates the user’s Messenger app experience directly into websites. By doing this, companies can talk directly with their website visitors in a more personalized and transparent way. 

Act as a sales booster along customer journey

There’s maybe a lot of considerations in your customers’ mind when it comes to making a purchase decision. No matter is about the product details, pricing or if even their personal interest, whether they really need it / like it. But as many people said, most of our buying decision is just an impulse, with Chat Plugin, you can send out coupons, discount codes according to their interested items to encourage purchase. 

You may also send out news updates, hot items to website visitors and even encourage them to sign up for regular news update in Messenger to keep them connected.

Keep the conversation going in Messenger.

Chat Plugin also makes it easy to continue the conversation with customers even after they leave your website. No need to learn new tools or capture information, just continue your chat on Messenger.

Benefits of Chat Plugin

  • Get more leads- Using the Facebook Chat Plugin is great for getting leads, they are up and ready to answer user’s questions 24/7, day and night. In today’s globalized world, this is even more important because your customer may be on the other side of the globe and your customer support can’t be up every time your customer needs you.

  • 53% more likely to shop – Consumers are 53% more likely to shop with a business they can message. Chat Plugin lets you answer questions for people, in the moment, about price, product and more — so you can help them buy with confidence.

  • 26% led to a purchase – Chat Plugin lets you answer questions for people, in the moment, about price, product and more — so you can help them buy with confidence

  • 96% decrease in response time via Facebook Chat Plugin, compared to email – With this latest update, people can talk to businesses with Chat Plugin without logging into Facebook which makes conversations easier and more intuitive than ever before.

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