Extracting data using automation chatbots

Aug 28, 2019

Customer interactions are a treasure trove of data. We discuss how to extract data using automation chatbots.



All customer conversations are a potential goldmine of information. Every time a client interacts with a sales or customer service person in your company, they will almost certainly be talking about an existing product or trying to determine if what the company offers can solve one of their problems.

Gathering data on these interactions could reveal previously undetected needs that can be fulfilled by your products or help the company fix issues in its communication strategy and product design.

The challenge is that this data may not be easy to extract and companies have to balance the potential revenue generated by the improvement and the costs of collecting data.

Traditional data-gathering approaches

Historically companies have attempted to gather data by either creating focus groups or by using questionnaires and surveys. Unfortunately, both systems suffered from low volumes of participants, significant costs, and often unreliable data.

With the arrival of modern CRM systems, some companies have started asking sales and customer service agents to log information about their interactions but even this approach came with significant challenges. The main one was the hidden cost generated by the time the agents spent logging the data. The other was the quality of the data collected as agents often paid little attention to a task that seemed secondary.

How modern technology can help

The recent increase in the use of messaging apps has created a great opportunity for companies to easily gather data on their client interactions. By capitalizing on this trend and shifting the conversations towards messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat a company can create a written record of its customer interactions that can be easily analyzed with Natural Language Processing or AI systems.

The best way to do it is by using chatbots to provide customer service and sales support on all the messaging apps and channels used by the target audience. Chatbots will not only be able to gather data while they talk to users, but they will also considerably reduce the cost of running both customer support and sales operations.

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