Automating customer service can unleash your data potential

Feb 12, 2019

Customer service interactions are a treasure trove of data. We discuss how to extract data efficiently using automation, AI, and chatbots.



Everyone in business loves data. Having it means being able to make better decisions, create better strategies, and target customers in much more effective ways. It is almost like money. But unlike money, companies don’t put much effort into collecting it. This is especially true when talking about customer service and sales conversations.

Think about it. Every single conversation contains information about your product, how it is perceived by users, what things could be added to it as well as a lot of useful information about the clients themselves. Using this data could make marketing more effective, sales more efficient, and lead to better products. And yet, many companies continue to let it pass by. Why?

Traditional methods are inefficient

The answer is surprisingly simple, gathering data with traditional methods is a very time-consuming task. It means asking customer service operators and salespeople to spend time recording every detail in a CRM or other data-collection tool. This, in turn, means that there will be less time available for them to talk to customers and the company will need to either hire more people or accept a decrease in productivity.

Thankfully there is a solution, and it does not involve hiring people or spending a lot of money. It goes by many names: automation, bots, artificial intelligence, but it is ultimately a rather simple concept. It means integrating a computer program into the conversation that is capable of collecting data and storing it directly in the company’s CRM.

How to automate data extraction

The system can be a passive one, that simply reads a conversation and extracts data or a more active one where the machine is either talking directly to the customer or is helping the agent answer messages. It can be as simple as a keyword-based system, or as complex as an artificial intelligence capable of understanding natural human language and extracting nuanced data from it.

This kind of technology has now become a key competitive advantage for many companies and is becoming increasingly accessible and easy to use.

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