First Sanuker Global Town hall Meeting

First Sanuker Global Town hall Meeting

Last week something amazing happened. Something that involved 34 people from more than 10 countries, spread out across the globe, from Latin America to Europe and Asia.

It was a truly global event, the first of its kind for Sanuker, and the culmination of many months of hard work.

For the first time, the full Sanuker team came together in one meeting to hear the latest updates from our CEO Burton Chau and put faces to each other’s names.

The video below features some of the highlights of the hour-long meeting.

The road we travelled

Our CEO Burton started with a quick recap of Sanuker’s history.

Over the past 4-5 years we have sold a lot of enterprise projects and been strong partners to Whatsapp, Facebook and Microsoft.

We also achieved great success with the creation of Stella, our chatbot builder.

2021 is an important year for Sanuker and Stella

This year was one of the momentous achievements. We combined the strengths of our chatbot consulting brand, Sanuker and the proprietary SaaS product Stella and Woztell to create a suite of solutions that provide our customers with a smooth path from notifications to live chat, chatbots and a conversational business transformation.

We are proud of the work we have done so far, and of our brands:

Sanuker as a chatbot consultant, Stella as an omnichannel chatbot builder powered by Sanuker and Woztell as an omnichannel ERP integration powered by Sanuker.

The road ahead for Sanuker

The market for conversational commerce is growing strongly and expected to reach 10 billion euros in the next 3 years and the decisions we have made this year have put Sanuker and its brands in a great competitive position.

By putting our customers first we have gained, and continue to gain, our customers’ trust and in this town hall, we announced our commitment to expand our customer-focused efforts, creating a new support and onboarding experience and investing in a global operation scale.

A Global future

This new, global focus is made possible by the expanded global team that joined this Town hall Meeting, which will be the first of many, and sets the base for successful cooperation between our teams in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Sanuker at the event of Destaca 2020 in Spain

Sanuker at the event of Destaca 2020 in Spain

Sanuker presents its technology & vision for the future at Destaca 2020, in Spain. José Perez – Sanuker partner – urges companies and local government agencies to understand that digital transformation is not the same as just digitalizing a company:

A chatbot can simply automate a tedious task, or completely transform the business model of a company.

Sanuker helps businesses understand how to use chatbot technology to ensure the success of their bottom-line. This is especially important during current social issues like the post-pandemic realities we are facing. With the media presence of 150,000 participants, more than 100 companies, research, and government organizations invited, this message is aimed to help medium to small companies stay afloat.

Destaca 2020 had a threefold focus

  1. Science, through the collaboration of universities and research organizations, to understand the impact of their findings in order to boost the enterprise sector.
  2. Technology, to showcase the latest products or initiatives that will help industries develop new ways to help sustain the workforce.
  3. Innovation, through the creation of a new type of company that can respond to the needs of the current consumer and context.

Jose Pérez also participated in a round table to discuss how companies can lead the change needed in our industries. In the words of the moderator Maria Dolores Parra; “Companies are ideally placed to push for this change”. This is because we understand what our clients are facing and are working to provide solutions that work for them.

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