Enterprise Chatbot Solution

Sanuker wins the heart of our project owners as our solution answers directly to the everyday challenges that fellow project owners are facing:

How to best use the resources to achieve a higher ROI?

How to bring in new technology that works compatible with the existing stack?

What is the scalable partnership that enables both stable maintenance and continuous development?

Think conversation, not use case

When it comes to designing a Chatbot, we need to keep in mind that it is “Chat” before “Bot”. The key is to build the Chatbot around where most business dialogues are happening, and the dialogue is designed to drive actions, such as adding to the shopping cart, asking for referrals, making purchases with coupon codes, etc. You may jot down your top 10 most frequent customer conversations before you discuss with your Chatbot expert.

Build for the first dialogue

Discovery to your chatbot needs to be a native experience to your digital channels, and the first message echoes the traffic and objectives of these touchpoints:

  • ad click from social media and online banner
  • landing on website
  • Messenger checkbox on the checkout page
  • mobile number for WhatsApp opt-in
  • scanning QR codes


Control and security over “waiting”

While Security is at the heart of every software project, Control is the key to project success. Unlike websites or apps, the reactions from chatbot users are very direct and instant. Therefore, it will give pressure to brands to take immediate actions to update the chatbot dialogue and respond to the users in a timely manner. Building a chatbot over a scalable technology stack, along with a graphical user interface, is your very first step to remain absolute control on your project deliverables, quality and progress. Take a look at our chatbot builder.



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