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Sanuker wins the heart of our project owners as our solution answers directly to the everyday challenges that fellow project owners are facing:
  • How to best use the resources to achieve a higher ROI?
  • How to bring in new technology that works compatible with the existing stack?
  • What is the scalable partnership model that allows both stable maintenance and continuous development?
  • We-believe-in-knowledge-transfer
    We believe in knowledge transfer
    Digital transformation is more than the adoption of new technologies, it is also about nurturing the culture for continuous learning, experimenting and optimising new digital models in practical business scenarios. It has been proven with our own experience that our enterprise clients are taking more educated and well-informed decisions, after building a range of prototypes with their in-house business and technology teams, along with our expertise and assistance.
    We offer on-premise SaaS solutions
    Our solution can be deployed, both on-premise and private-cloud, to any environments trusted by our brands to meet their enterprise-grade security and data storage policy. Besides, our project owners can enjoy our continuous and robust product roadmap to extend their visions to popular messaging applications.
    We build value-driven partnerships
    We run in a value-first business philosophy to create a win-win model with our stakeholders. The project owners often come to us for a second opinion and we are more than happy to share our relevant experience and latest approaches.
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